Review New Single: All About You – SWV (Sisters With Voices)

I Always loved Sisters With Voices, beautiful R&B ladies with great songs like “Right Here” with a sampel of “Michael Jackson” his song “Human Nature”.

Now they have a stunning R&B song made once again, like they never dissapeared out of the spotlight.

All About You”, is the second single of their comebackalbum “I Missed Us”.

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Ps.: According to the recent looks of Cheryl “Coko” Clemons
Tamara “Taj” Johnson-George & Leanne “Lelee” Lyons “Is this reality or Am I Dreaming?” (phase of their amazing comebacksingle “Love unconditionally”)

Review New Album: Irrational – Miss Montreal

…and now someone of my Hometown!

There was a song on the radio (as I do not watch reallifesoaps about unknown people like “Utopia”,this song is the intro of this TVshow), that has something special a few weeks ago. It was “Say Heaven, Say Hell”. To me this was the best track I have ever heard of Miss Montreal.

Now she has a full CD released and this track is on it, together with good tracks with the Miss Montreal sound like “Top Of The World” and “Heavy Heart”. Very surprising it the composition of title track “Irrational”. The drumbeat made this song incredible. This must be the second single choice!

Sometimes “Miss Montreal” sounds very rough, but on “Craziest” she sang so soft that this is another highlight.

“Mike Oldfield” has made a beautiful song called “Moonlight Shadow”, as a beautiful end she sang a Live version in a special way, you almost did not recorgnized her voice. Well done!

For more information: (where her Record Company named her Album “I
m A Hunter”,like her 2012 CD. Very confusing ;-).


Review New Album: NXN – Night By Night

Still in love with this song:

But so much more highlights on this 10 track, included the 3 tracks of their EP “Tune Out Of The Static”, that I have talked about a few days ago. Amazing track “Everywhere Tonight” for instance and “if Only”. A huge surprise is the end of a wonderful excellent ballad “Never Die Again”,but after 1 minute and 10 seconds it turns into a great rock song anyway.

Recommended to purchase this album if you like Heavy Metal / Rock.

Review New Album: Black Magic – Sydney Youngblood

Like I announched on this website, today is Sydney’s album released.

One hour of beautiful songs with a wonderful vocal arrangement on the first track “it’s About You”, than a new version of his track “If Only I Could” follows. To me the Original is still the best without someone (Joe) shouting through the song. Good that his latest single and that B-side come up next with so much pureness. His remake of “Sit & Wait” of last year is included as well and that is welldone:

The last that I mentioned is”Darlin…Dance” sounds like an R&B song of the eighties.

As a bonus there are 3 mixes included from “On -N- On” and one of new track “Exotic Lady”. As “On -N- On” is a catchy song, I am not surprised it is three times on this CD. Next single?

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Review New Album: Refueled – Skintrade

Nineties Rockband from Sweden “Skintrade” has released their brand new Album “Refueled” with the first single “Monster”:

“Matti Alfonzetti” (vocals), “Stefan Bergström” (guitar, backing vocals), “Hakan Calmroth” (bass) and “Håkan Persson” (drums, backing vocals made a variated rockalbum. Besides the first single, also “Liar”, “Close My Eyes”, “Wild One” and “Been To The Bottom”, a song that is much softer than the rest.

Although they reformed 3 years ago and released in 2012 “Past And Present” with 3 new tracks. This is finally their comebackalbum.

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