BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New EP: Happiness & Other Woes – Anthony’s Putch (Review)

If you like artists like Queen, Madness, Robby Valentine, Valensia and MIKA than Theun Supheert AKA Anthony’s Putch new EP “Happiness & Other Woes” is really recommended.

Anthony’s Putch released a single “King Of The World” last year.

This amazing song is on the EP, but the rest is brand new and realy excellent with all those electronical effects and vocal effects. This is a masterpiece with 5 strong songs “Call Me Names”, is so Original and surprisely brilliant and so Freddy Mercury-style. The second song “Tell Me” reminds me of the great “Madness”. “I Know A Woman” is a mix of Robby Valentine with an own twist. The last track “Waiting” can’t be compared to anyone, but that does not mean it has no quality. It is even a beautiful popsong.

When I saw him live performing “King Of The World” I thought he was going to be Hollands Next International Popstar and after hearing his new material I still believe in him.

BUY @ AMAZON (Click on the picture)

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