BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album: MoonKings – Vandenberg’s MoonKings (Review)

Whitesnake & Vandenberg are Big Names that Adriaan Van Den Berg was involved with, now he introduced his new rockband “Vandenberg’s MoonKings” with Jan Hoving as leading man. Are you ready for some Rock’n Roll?

The Rockband introduced the songs “Breathe” and “Lust And Lies” through YouTube

The Album is a mix of Hardrock and Rockballads (the best one is the final track with David Coverdale “Sailing Ships”) and that makes it far from boring.




JAPAN 02/19/2014


AUSTRALIA 02/21/2014

AUSTRIA 02/21/2014

BELGIUM 02/21/2014

BULGARY 02/21/2014

DENMARK 02/21/2014

FINLAND 02/21/2014

FRANCE 02/21/2014

GERMNY 02/21/2014

GREECE 02/21/2014

HOLLAND 02/21/2014

HONG KONG 02/21/2014

INDONESIA 02/21/2014

IRELAND 02/21/2014

ITALY 02/21/2014

NORWAY 02/21/2014

POLAND 02/21/2014

ROMANIA 02/21/2014

RUSSIA 02/21/2014

SWEDEN 02/21/2014

SWISS 02/21/2014


ARGENTINA 02/24/2014

BRAZIL 02/24/2014

MEXICO 02/24/2014

TAIWAN 02/24/2014

THAILAND 02/24/2014

SINGAPORE 02/25/2014

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