Review New Album: Irrational – Miss Montreal

…and now someone of my Hometown!

There was a song on the radio (as I do not watch reallifesoaps about unknown people like “Utopia”,this song is the intro of this TVshow), that has something special a few weeks ago. It was “Say Heaven, Say Hell”. To me this was the best track I have ever heard of Miss Montreal.

Now she has a full CD released and this track is on it, together with good tracks with the Miss Montreal sound like “Top Of The World” and “Heavy Heart”. Very surprising it the composition of title track “Irrational”. The drumbeat made this song incredible. This must be the second single choice!

Sometimes “Miss Montreal” sounds very rough, but on “Craziest” she sang so soft that this is another highlight.

“Mike Oldfield” has made a beautiful song called “Moonlight Shadow”, as a beautiful end she sang a Live version in a special way, you almost did not recorgnized her voice. Well done!

For more information: (where her Record Company named her Album “I
m A Hunter”,like her 2012 CD. Very confusing ;-).


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