Review New Single: Made Of Shadown – Amelia’s Fault & Andreas Öhrn

“Gravitonas” lead vocalist “Andreas Öhrn” has released this month a new EP with “Alexander Bard”, including “People Lonely People” together with “Army Of Lovers”, but there is more.

He colaborate with Amelia’s Fault and that reminds me a bit of german DJ “ATB” for some reason. It is an Original arrangement and the shout out “Because” is a great effect on the chorus.

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Review New EP: Love Trigger – JEM

If you like “Black-Eyed Peas” and Ävicci”, than you like “JEM”.

The incredible trio from Sweden has released their first EP with 5 great tunes. Their debutsingle “Zoom” and “Love Trigger”, the song they particpate with (and the performance was AWESOME at the pre-selection of “Eurovision Songcontest”.

They are amazing, isn’t it?

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Review EP: Echo – Outtrigger

Pre-selection of “Eurovision Songcontest” has an Heavy Metal-band “Outtrigger” participating, with the song “Echo”.Next Saturday they performing in the “Second Chance”-round.

“Echo” is one of the fantastic rocksongs on the 4Track EP with the same title. Also their latest single “Blame On You” are included. All are worthwhile to listen to if you like screaming guitars. My favorite is the last track “World Of Fire”

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Ps: Love the picture of yesterday’s facebookpost of the band! Unfortunately it does not fit perfect on this website, but it is a mustsee anyway!

Review NEW SINGLE: I Do (Capitol Studios Sessions) – Matt Goss (Bros)

It’s been announched months ago, but here it is… frontman of eightiesduo Bros with his Jazz-single “I Do”:

The song is a beautiful ballad and I guess lots of people don’t care that this is so different than his smash hits with his brother Luke, as his voice is amazing in every way.


It is available since 11th February. “I DO” is an EP including “Mustang”, “Lovely Las Vega” & “There’s Nothing Like This”

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NEW ALBUM & NEW SINGLE News: Kian Egan (Westlife)

There is more in life than “Westlife”. Singer Kian Egan was manager of girlband “Wonderland” for 3 years including “Jodi Albert”, who is back to her roots with “Girl Thing”. They did not worked together only, they are a married couple noweadays as well.He won last years “I’m A Celebrity,… Get Me Out Of Here” and is currently coach in “The Voice Of Ireland”


The last single of “Westlife” was “Lighthouse”,released 11th November 2011 and on the 23rd of June Westlife had their Farewellconcert in “Croke Park”.

Westlife-singer Kian Egan will release an full album all on his own called “Home” and will be out 17th March! The title track “Home” is a cover of the band “Daughtry” and will be the leading single 3 days earlier than the album release date.


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Review New Album: Dirty Cash – Liberty X

After the comebackalbum of “Girl Thing”, it’s time to re-introduce the beautiful “Liberty X”.

A wonderful mix of the greatest tracks of their past.I love them all, but my favorite is ofcourse besides “Got To Have Your Love” & “Dirty Cash” (their UK Number One hit) …

Although it is mainly the 2005 album “X” mixed with 3 songs of their debut “Thinking It Over” (2002). No tracks of “Being Somebody”(2003) made it for this album.

01) Then There Was You (X)
02) Holding On For You (Thinking It Over)
03) Song For Lovers (X)
04) Divine Intervention (X)
05) Shotgun (X)
06) A Night To Remember (X)
07) Move Ya Body
08) just A Little (Thinking It Over)
09) It’s O.K.(X)
10) X (X)
11) In My Bed (X)
12) Got To Have Your Love (Thinking It Over)
13) Yo DJ (X)
14) Dirty Cash (X)

Now they are participating in ITV2 show “The Big Reunion”, even that battle is not over The band announched on 2 February 2014 via their Facebook page that they had signed to 365 Artists Management “for our future creative and business affairs.

So lots more to come!

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Review New Single: John 3:16 – Lady Bee (Bernice Nduku)

2013 Bernice Nduku A.k.a Lady Bee released her first single called John 3:16, but today this song is released worldwide.

The title suggest it has a duration of 3 minutes and 16 seconds, but that is not true. What an amazing summer song with those african rhythms.

It is to me such a bad choice to name her Lady Bee, as there are some other woman who has that nickname for instance Bianca Latupapua.

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