Review: Shakira. (Deluxe Version) – Shakira Including New Videoclip Empire

Finally the new album of Shakira is released and it starts Ibiza-style, so that is a good start with “Dare (La La La)” also a spanish version, simply called “La La La” is on it. Bet this will be the fourth single! What a fresh new sound and continue with that catchy beat of her single with Rihanna “Can’t Remember To Forget You”. Also her solo-version “Nunca Me Acuerdo De Olvidarte” are included.

The beautiful coverpicture suggest this far from computerbeats, but that is not, although the third single “Empire” is a song that fits (also “Broken Record” and the acoustic song “23”), but even that song has beautiful special sound effects. Take a look to todays brand new release of the videoclip:


Shakira worked together with very new (so that is a HUGE start for) Reggae-pop band Magic! from Canada and on “Cut Me Deep” and Country-singer Blake Shelton on “Medicine”. Makes the record very variated.

15 great modern variated songs, so 51 minutes of high quality! Recommended!

Their are also other editions available,like a standard version and Latin America/ Spanish version.

PURCHASE Standard Edition on AMAZON:

PURCHASE Deluxe Edition on AMAZON:

DOWNLOAD Standard Edition on iTunes:

DOWNLOAD DELUXE Editon on iTunes:

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