Magic Music Moments with… BIBI Provence

After my promo Magic Music Moments with Sanna Nielsen & Eurotix, March ends up with my first eyecatcher of Magic Music Magazine face to face.

Went to my favorite pub  Coffee Corner at the time I almost lived in Amsterdam, with the best chocolatemilk and invite my “Magic Music Friend” BIBI Provence as she is one of those people with that “magic” quality and deserve to rule theworld.

Everything worked exactly how I planned (for the first time in my life ;-))

We talked about Chaka Khan:

Our favorite song of her until now “Superhero”

That an concert at Gebouw T  – Bergen Op Zoom is her favorite because everything was feeling the right way.

Gebouw T - Bergen Op Zoom Zomer 2013

Also she renamed the duo A Great Big World

And many more.

Read the interview below and feel free to read her Magic Music Magazine Page and to listen to her music at the Playlist on this site as well!

Magic Music Moments 1

MagicMusic Moments 2

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