International Success – Karma – Stockholm Syndrome / New Feria Hair Colour Commercial Cheryl Cole

A few years ago I saw the Swedish girlband “Love Generation” live, performing “Dance Alone” and I told my friends “they are going to be BIG someday”.

In the meanwhile Love Generation transformed into “Stockholm Syndrome” and still making fantastic singles like last years “Karma”.

Also their recent single “Hysteria” (with Young Squage) is one that deserve the top position in the worldwide charts.

Now United Kingdom can hear one full year “Karma” lots of times, because L’Oreal had a new Feria Hair Colour Paris commercial with Cheryl Cole (Girls Aloud) dancing on KARMA!…

Commercial is made by Jonas Åkerlund.

Discover pretty girls Charly Q (Martina Braun) & Cornelia Jakobsdotter (daughter of The Poodles-frontman Jakob Samuelsson), Discover STOCKHOLM SYNDROME!

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE (Click on the picture to acces AMAZON)

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