BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single: G.U.Y. (Remixes) – Lady Gaga

I hope you like Electrobeats, as the new single “G.U.Y.”of Lady Gaga has an overdose of Electro.

“St. Lucia Remix” is the first track followed by “Rami Samir Afuni Remix”, “Wayne G Throwback Anthem”, “Lovelife Remix” and “KDrew Remix”.

Like “Applause” & “Do What U Want” is the latest single of Lady Gaga a track of the album “Artpop”.

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Pictures)

G.U.Y. (The Remixes) 04/29/2014

Do What U Want (The Remixes) 02/21/2014

Do What U Want Clean 01/02/2014

Do What U Want Explicit 01/02/2014

Applause 09/30/2013

Artpop – Clean 11/08/2013

Artpop – Explicit 11/08/2013

Artpop – CD 11/08/2013

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