BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New RuPaul Tracks with Rene Dif (Aqua) and LaToya Jackson and more!

RuPaul is amazing and the latest album “Born Naked” was amazing, but the Deluxe edition is really excellent with a brand new duet with LaToya Jackson. “I Feel Like Dancin” is a true earcandy!

I think they released it as well, so the track has remixed by Matt Pop and Jared Jones. Also there is a remix called “Doot Doot Redo” and there is a “Revolucion” remix of the song with Martha Wash “Can I Get An Amen”. Aqua frontman Rene Dif remixed the track “Dance With U”.


(Deluxe is not available yet through Amazon)

ITunes – Denmark

ITunes – Germany

ITunes – Holland

ITunes – Italy

ITunes – Spain

ITunes – Sweden

ITunes – United Kingdom

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