BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New SIngle: Dear River / New Album: Elements – Kina Grannis

Los Angeles-based indie songstress Kina Grannis has released her new album “Elements”, Produced and recorded by Matt Hales AKA Aqualung.

In 2007, Kina wrote “Message From Your Heart” and published it on YouTube. She gets a record deal and entered the Super Bowl and performed all over the world from New York to Los Angeles, London to Berlin and Sydney to Tokyo.

“Message From Your Heart” stands on her debut album and below you can click on the picture to get access of an so-called “Amazon Exclusive Version”.

On the brandnew album “Elements” are 12 tracks, including the single “The Fire”.

Plus the brand new single “Dear River”

Her first single of this year with Tyler Ward “Demons” (cover by Imagine Dragons) is not included!

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Pictures Below)

Elements – LP

Elements – CD

Elements – Deluxe – CD (with 2 Bonus Tracks “Strong” and “Home”

Elements – MP3

The Fire – Single – MP3

Dear River – Single – MP3

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