BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album: Forget The World – Afrojack PRE-ORDER HERE

DJ Afrojack is hot at the moment and that is a good sign for his upcoming album “Forget The World”,including his hits “The Spark” with Spree Wilson.

Plus the follow-up “Ten Feet Tall” with Wrabel.

He works it lots of other artists as well, like Matthew Koma (Illuminate & Keep Our Love Alive), Snoop Dogg (Dynamite) D-Wayne (Freedom), Shirazi (Mexico), Thirty Seconds Of Mars (Do Or Die) and ends with Keane (Sovereign Light Cafe) (only on the Deluxe Edition).

“Forget The World” is a bit of everything. Hip-Hop, Pop, Dance, Club, Trance and EDM. In case you think it is all a lot of beats, “Mexico” is NOT!

Forget The World (Explicit) – (16 tracks) CD 05/19/2014

Forget The World – (12track) MP3 05/19/2014

Sovereign Light Cafe 01/30/2013

The Spark 10/11/13

The Spark (Remixes) 11/11/2013

Ten Feet Tall 02/07/2014

Ten Feet Tall (David Guetta Remix)

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