BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single: I’m No Angel / New Album: The Winery Dogs (Special Edition) / Dog Treats (Limited Edition) / Unleased In Japan in 2013 – The Winery Dogs

The Winery Dogs have their videoclip “I’m No Angel” gere-released.

This song is from 2013 and lots of things of the past get a rework. For instance a new “Special Edition” of “The Winery Dogs” with 10 live tracks included. Also just released “Dog Treats “Deluxe Special Edition” and you can preorder the special album “Unleased In Japan 2013” below.

Dog Treats – Deluxe Special Edition 24/04/2014


A Box of dog treats fortified with these essential vitamins:
The 2- Disc special edition.
A CD of demos from 2012, The Winery Pups.
A DVD of music videos and band interviews.
Mike Portnoy’s in-studio diary from the making of the record.
Custom Winery’s Dogs dog tag with chain.
Custom Winery Dogs wine bottle topper.
Custom Embroidered Paw print logo patch.

Unleased In Japan 2013 05/23/2014


Unleashed in Japan 2013 04/15/2014


The Winery Dogs (Special Edition) 04/15/2014

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