EUROVISION SONGCONTEST 2014: Introducing New Member “Common Linnets” Jake Etheridge

Today Common Linnets-member Waylon told why he is dissapeared on the European Tour of Common Linnets for one week. It’s the project of Ilse DeLange and he missed some creative freedom.

The Promotional tour continue anyway without him and Waylon is replaced by one of the Songwriters of “Calm After The Storm” Jake Etheridge. No words about Waylon left the band, it is just a band with different formats.

Jake makes music since 2010 and started as CherryCase, but if you see the Discography he released some items later once again under his own name and worked with Rebecca Roubion

He has an own website

Jake Grew up in South Carolina and now live in Nashville, the place that fits Common Linnets the best!


(BUY @ AMAZON, Click On The Pictures)

CherryCase – CherryCase 02/26/2010 – Album

Change – CherryCase – Single 11/05/2010

Think Of Me – CherryCase EP – CD 07/17/2012

I Could Be The One – CherryCase – Single 10/02/2012

Make Up Your Mind – CherryCase & Rebecca Roubion 01/23/2013

Make Up Your Mind – Jake Etheridge & Rebecca Roubion 23/07/2013

I Could Be The One – Jake Etheridge 07/23/2013

Change – Jake Etheridge 08/11/2013

Break – Rebeccca Roubion Featuring Jake Etheridge – Single 04/08/2014


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