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After the best Single in Eurovision Songcontest history “Undo” and her EP “Undo”. Sanna released her new Album “7”, including ofcourse … “Undo”.

The other 3 tracks of the EP “Rainbow”,” Ready” and “First You Loved Me” are included as well.

To make it clear Sanna made 4 new songs “Skydivin”, “Breathe”, “All About Love” (Best new one) & “Trouble”, that are all worthwhile to discover and this album ends with an Acoustic version of “Undo”.

UNDO – EP 02/23/2014

7 – ALBUM 06/30/2014

MAGIC MUSIC MOMENTS with… B Robin (Robin Bengtsson)

March 2009 I had my first Swedish Supermarket (ICA) experience with DaYeene-singer Diane Soderholm at Shopping Center Ringen.That year Robin Bengtsson was busy with trying to start off his career.

Robin Bengtsson Facebook  (09-12-2009)

More than 5 years later I am back in front of that same ICA called “CafΓ© Chateau”, this time to have my first International Magic Music Moments with… – experience with B Robin.

A singer I discovered through the internet awhile ago with his catchy “I Don’t Like To Wait”, the song that is conquering the USA right now as it’s on the playlist of the Starbucks coffee company. Also “Ambercrombie O Fitch” (Abercrombie And Fitch), “Hollister” and “H&M” make their customers move to his beat.

His most recent Single “Fired” is with the successful singer/songwriter J-Son, that worked together with Eric Saade for his music.

A funny misunderstanding was that Robin thought that this was mend to be for Holland, but as a Swedish singer/songwriter you can’t make it to the spin-off ;-).

Unfortunatelly I forgot to ask him to record a movieclip for the YouTube-channel, but maybe next time?




Stockholm 15/6 2014


Robin Stjernberg, we love exactly the same style of music and writes a lot of songs together.

B ROBIN Facebook (05-12-2013)


I Don’t Wanna Be – Gavin Degraw. His first hit single. That song is what music is all about. Showing who you are in lyrics, combined with powerful melodies.


Gavin Degraw;s debut album “Chariot”. I have him to thank a lot for that album. Made me wanna write my own stuff.


Tony Bennet and Stevie Wonder – For Once In My Life. Liveclip from YouTube, gives me goosebumps every time!


Kelly Clarkson in Stockholm 2008, she was amazing. The day after the concert I auditioned for Swedish Idol πŸ˜‰


Kim Cesarion – Can’t Love Nobody. Really talented Swedish dude who has found a sound to die for!


An old album by Marvin Gaye with the Demo-recording of “Lets Get It On”. Music at its finest!!


When my first single “I Don’t like to wait” made it to the Swedish radio charts. Felt so much love from everybody and after all that work that I had put in to it, that feeling is unbeatable!


First gig on my very own B Robin tour. Been dreaming about that for so long.


When my son William was born in November last year. Words can’t describe that magic.

B Robin Facebook (14-06-2014)


To write an entire album for myself after this EP, and to make it outside of Sweden.


I wanna say hey to all my dutch fans, I have no idea how many or few you are. But I can’t wait to come and play live for all of you.

I wanna thank Magic Music Magazine for taking interest in my career and helping spreading the words of B Robin! πŸ˜‰

B Robin Magic Documents




Mick James


New York 6/8/14

My Magic Music Friend

My alter ego for the CD/Movie Mick James Is Dead. A Rockstar suduced by fame & all it’s exesses. Till
he wakes up one day to find himself Dead!

Mick James Is Dead

My Magic Music Song

My next single I will be releasing called Guess What Your Dead. It was the song that kind of spawned
the Storyline as well as the Title “Mick James Is Dead”.

My Magic Music Album

Ha, you guessed it “Mick James Is Dead”.It’s my 1st solo CD after being in bands & doing music for
Criss Angel for the last 11 years. I have stepped out from being a bass player/BU singer to Lead
singer/frontman. So it’s a whole new world Im looking forward to…

My Magic Music Videoclip

My latest Movie teaser/Music Video “SPEEDING LIKE A FIEND” Featuring Snake Sabo (Skid Row) on
lead Guitar

My Magic Music Concert

The last concert I really loved was Alice Cooper at the Beacon theatre. It’s such a great place to see a
show, it seats almost 3,000 & was packed. So seeing one of my idols in an imtamate setting like that
was just amazing. Not to mention he was spot on, & did some awesome clasics…

Alice Cooper, Beacon Theatre

My Favorite Magic Music Song Of This Moment

I miss the Misery by Halestorm, what a great voice & great band!

My Favorite Magic Music Album Of This Moment

Halestorm – “The Strange Case Of” it’s what Im cranking up as Im doing this interview…

My Favorite Magic Music Moment

I think writing the MindFreak theme for the Criss Angel TV show MindFreak has to be a serious magic
moment. But completing & releasing my 1st solo CD, playing all the instrments besides drums &
special guests. That was a serious accoplishment & a proud moment for sure…

My Future Magic Music Moment

Bringing this new CD to the stage & movie theaters. The movie is a Dark, fantasy, thriller of a musical
& the stage show like the CD will be telling the story song by song in seccession. & will be an Alice
Cooper/Rob Zombie type show…

My Most Magical Moment In My Life
Watching my twins being born & watching them grow up, now 8 years old. THATS MAGIC!

My Magic Music Plans are…

To get this project out to the entire world, wherever I can tour, I will. Im so driven & plan on
international touring by September. Thats the goal as well as giving people there money’s worth
when I hit that stage. But I also plan to continue to place music in TV, Movies, & write for other
artists as well. Dare I say I also already have another movie/CD in the works after this one gets out
there. So ha no sleep for the wicked…

Anything Left To Say?

I would in closing like to thank all the amazing fans supporting me. & Definitely want to thank the
amazing special guests that graced the CD with their amazing tallent. Dave “Snake” Sabo/Skid Row.
Ron “Bumblefoot” thal/Guns & Roses. Tony Harnell/TNT & Bobby Rondinelli/Black Sabbath/Rainbow/
Scorpions ect. All amazing players & great guys…


BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: Bobby Womack (Solo) Music

Today Bobby Womack dies, the singer has made lots of music with the highlight “Teardrops”, that he sang together with his Wife as duo “Womack & Womack”.

His music remains forever, so enjoy his past and read his Discography below.

1968: Fly Me to the Moon (Minit) – US No. 174, R&B No. 34

1969: My Prescription (Minit) – R&B No. 44

1971: Communication (United Artists) – US No. 83, R&B No. 7, Jazz No. 20

1972: Understanding (United Artists) – US No. 43, R&B No. 7

1972: Across 110th Street (United Artists) – US No. 50, R&B No. 6

1972: Your Navy Presents (United States Naval Recruitment Dept.,) – 12 track promotion album issued as part of a recruitment campaign and sent to forces radio.


1973: Facts of Life (United Artists) – US No. 37, R&B No. 6

1974: Lookin’ for a Love Again (United Artists) – US No. 85, R&B No. 5

1975: I Don’t Know What the World Is Coming To (United Artists) – US No. 126, R&B No. 20

1975: Safety Zone (United Artists) – US No. 147, R&B No. 40


1976: BW Goes C&W (United Artists)

1976: Home Is Where the Heart Is (Columbia)

1978: Pieces (Columbia) – US No. 205

1979: Roads of Life (Arista) – US No. 206, R&B No. 55

1981: The Poet (Beverly Glen) – US No. 29, R&B No. 1

1984: The Poet II (Beverly Glen) – US No. 60, R&B No. 5, UK No. 31

1985: So Many Rivers (MCA) – US No. 66, R&B No. 5, UK No. 28

1985: Someday We’ll All Be Free (Beverly Glen) – US No. 207, R&B No. 59

1986: Womagic (MCA) – R&B No. 68

1987: Last Soul Man (MCA)

1989: Save The Children (Solar)

1994: Soul Seduction Supreme (Castle)

1994: Resurrection (Continuum) – R&B No. 91

1999: Back to My Roots (Capitol) – Gospel No. 27

1999: Traditions (Capitol)

2000: Christmas Album (Indigo)

2012: The Bravest Man in the Universe (XL Recordings) UK No. 49, US No. 181

2014: The Best is Yet to Come (XL Recordings)

Live albums

1970: The Womack “Live” (United Artists) – US No. 188, R&B No. 13

1998: Soul Sensation Live (Sequel)

Compilation albums

1990: His Greatest Hits

2001 The Collection

As a featured artist

2001:Sleepwalking with Rae & Christian (Studio K7)

2010: Plastic Beach with Gorillaz (Parlophone)

2011: The Fall with Gorillaz (Parlophone)

2014: Maybach Music V with Rick Ross (Maybach Music Group, Slip-n-Slide Records, Def Jam Recordin

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single / Album / Film : Walking On Sunshine – Leona Philippo & Leona Lewis

The new movie “Walking On Sunshine” has also a titlesong. The film is out 19 June in Holland.

For the Dutch market singer Leona Philippo has sang her version of the famous Katrina & Waves song “Walking On Sunshine”.

For the other countries another Leona called Leona Lewis did her version. Actually she is making her actress debut in this movie!

The last one is included at the Original Soundtrack with lots more of eighties and nineties classics like Madonna’s “Holiday” by actress Hannah Arterton, which voice is also heard on the covers of “Walking On Sunshine”, “If I Could Turn Back The Time” (Cher) , “How Will I Know” (Whitney Houston), Γ‹ternal Flame” (Bangles) , “Venus” (Shocking Blue) “It Must Have Been Love” (Roxette) and “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” (Wham). Also other Castmembers Katy Brand, Annabel Scholey, Danny Kirrane, Anne Dudley, Giulo Corso, Greg Wise and Giulo Berruti made it.

“Walking on Sunshine” is a 2014 British musical romantic comedy-drama film directed by Max Giwa and Dania Pasquini. The film and released on 27 June 2014

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Image)

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single: Noheyo – Jose Hoebee (Luv)

In 2011 Polish Jazz/Soul/Latin band Blue Cafe (who attend the Pre-selection of Eurovision Songcontest 2003 and 2004) released their new album “Dada”, it featured the song “Noheo”.

The song is created by trio Pawel Rurak-Sokal (the creator, leader, composer, keyboardist and arranger of the band Blue Cafe) / A. Saranieweska / Dominika Gaweda (the singer of the band Blue Cafe) and 3 years later Dennis van Korven / Martin Sterken made Dutch lyrics and changed a bit the title into “Noheyo”.

Finally after years of silence and sorrow this must be the great comeback of the incredible and most of all kind singer Jose Hoebee, who has scored worldwide with her girlband Luv due to the incredible producer Hans van Hemert.

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Image)

Dada – Blue Cafe – Album 05/10/2011

Noheo – Blue Cafe – Noheo (Only that track)

Noheyo – Jose Hoebee – Single 06/11/2014

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