BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single: Noheyo – Jose Hoebee (Luv)

In 2011 Polish Jazz/Soul/Latin band Blue Cafe (who attend the Pre-selection of Eurovision Songcontest 2003 and 2004) released their new album “Dada”, it featured the song “Noheo”.

The song is created by trio Pawel Rurak-Sokal (the creator, leader, composer, keyboardist and arranger of the band Blue Cafe) / A. Saranieweska / Dominika Gaweda (the singer of the band Blue Cafe) and 3 years later Dennis van Korven / Martin Sterken made Dutch lyrics and changed a bit the title into “Noheyo”.

Finally after years of silence and sorrow this must be the great comeback of the incredible and most of all kind singer Jose Hoebee, who has scored worldwide with her girlband Luv due to the incredible producer Hans van Hemert.

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Image)

Dada – Blue Cafe – Album 05/10/2011

Noheo – Blue Cafe – Noheo (Only that track)

Noheyo – Jose Hoebee – Single 06/11/2014

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