Mick James


New York 6/8/14

My Magic Music Friend

My alter ego for the CD/Movie Mick James Is Dead. A Rockstar suduced by fame & all it’s exesses. Till
he wakes up one day to find himself Dead!

Mick James Is Dead

My Magic Music Song

My next single I will be releasing called Guess What Your Dead. It was the song that kind of spawned
the Storyline as well as the Title “Mick James Is Dead”.

My Magic Music Album

Ha, you guessed it “Mick James Is Dead”.It’s my 1st solo CD after being in bands & doing music for
Criss Angel for the last 11 years. I have stepped out from being a bass player/BU singer to Lead
singer/frontman. So it’s a whole new world Im looking forward to…

My Magic Music Videoclip

My latest Movie teaser/Music Video “SPEEDING LIKE A FIEND” Featuring Snake Sabo (Skid Row) on
lead Guitar

My Magic Music Concert

The last concert I really loved was Alice Cooper at the Beacon theatre. It’s such a great place to see a
show, it seats almost 3,000 & was packed. So seeing one of my idols in an imtamate setting like that
was just amazing. Not to mention he was spot on, & did some awesome clasics…

Alice Cooper, Beacon Theatre

My Favorite Magic Music Song Of This Moment

I miss the Misery by Halestorm, what a great voice & great band!

My Favorite Magic Music Album Of This Moment

Halestorm – “The Strange Case Of” it’s what Im cranking up as Im doing this interview…

My Favorite Magic Music Moment

I think writing the MindFreak theme for the Criss Angel TV show MindFreak has to be a serious magic
moment. But completing & releasing my 1st solo CD, playing all the instrments besides drums &
special guests. That was a serious accoplishment & a proud moment for sure…

My Future Magic Music Moment

Bringing this new CD to the stage & movie theaters. The movie is a Dark, fantasy, thriller of a musical
& the stage show like the CD will be telling the story song by song in seccession. & will be an Alice
Cooper/Rob Zombie type show…

My Most Magical Moment In My Life
Watching my twins being born & watching them grow up, now 8 years old. THATS MAGIC!

My Magic Music Plans are…

To get this project out to the entire world, wherever I can tour, I will. Im so driven & plan on
international touring by September. Thats the goal as well as giving people there money’s worth
when I hit that stage. But I also plan to continue to place music in TV, Movies, & write for other
artists as well. Dare I say I also already have another movie/CD in the works after this one gets out
there. So ha no sleep for the wicked…

Anything Left To Say?

I would in closing like to thank all the amazing fans supporting me. & Definitely want to thank the
amazing special guests that graced the CD with their amazing tallent. Dave “Snake” Sabo/Skid Row.
Ron “Bumblefoot” thal/Guns & Roses. Tony Harnell/TNT & Bobby Rondinelli/Black Sabbath/Rainbow/
Scorpions ect. All amazing players & great guys…


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