BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album: Hard 2 Be Fresh – Cazwell

American rapper Cazwell is back with an fantastic groovy album with 17 tracks including his hits “Unzip Me” with Peaches, “Rice & Beans” and that track he did with Manila Luzon & Roxy called “Helen Keller”. Catchy “No Selfie Control” and “Sprung” are other videoclips to seduce you to his music with lots of sex (porn) .

Also he released a new videoclip for the first song on the album “Dance Like You Got Good Credit” with Cherie Lily.

Lots more collaborations on this album with Naaldekoker, Alyssa Edwards, Luciana. Enjoy this collection of explicit songs.

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BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Tony Moran Singles: Ball Of Confusion, This Is How We Do It, Take It All The Way & Let’s Find A Place

DJ and Producer Tony Moran released two singles in August and September once again. Take a look at the songs and buy if you like it!

Ball of Confusion (feat. Jason Walker) – EP – Tony Moran & Deep Influence 08/12/2014

This Is How We Do It (The Mega Remixes) (feat. Liquid Soul) – Tony Moran 08/26/2014

Take It All the Way (Remixes) – Tony Moran 09/12/2014

Let’s Find a Place (feat. Michelle Weeks) – Single – Tony Moran & Joe Gauthreaux 09/30/2014

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single: You Can Have It All / New Album: StoneBridge Saturdays – StoneBridge

DJ StoneBridge has released his new single “You Can Have It All” together with Luv Gunz & Koko LaRoo

You can hear the song on the latest album “StoneBridge Saturdays”. For more release information, take a look at the StoneBridge Page.

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You Can Have It All 09/29/2014 – MP3 – Single

StoneBridge Saturdays II – MP3 – Album 09/22/2014

#stonebridgesaturdays 06/15/2013

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