BREAKING NEWS: The New Face Of Sloggi is…

Just before midnight Kylie Minogue released her first moment a a Sloggi Model. The underwear company has choosen her to be the new face of the #feelyourfreedom campagne. She introduced it with this commercial.

It suggest that she will release a new single “Sleepwalker” that will be heard in the commercials of Sloggi?

Actually not. “Sleepwalker” is a new short film she showed on her “Kiss Me Once”tour and is a collaboration with DJ and Producer Fernando Garibay.

The music contains four songs “Glow”, “Wait”, “Break This Heartbreak” (also named “Breaking This Heartbeat” and “Chasing Ghosts”

I bet that snippets of all songs will be heard at the upcoming commercials, but if I am right or wrong, you should have some patience.


Kiss Me Once (CD)

Kiss Me Once (MP3)

Kylie Minogue : Kiss Me Once (Deluxe Edition) CD+DVD

Kiss Me Once (Special Edition) [+video]

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