New Single: Love Don’t Live Here No More / The Battlefield / Double Cross / Blood In The Streets / New Album: 36 Seasons – Ghostface Killah

6th December Wu Tang Clan-star Ghostface Killah will release his upcoming album “36 Seasons”. If you can’t wait, he released some Singles this month, like his new Single “Blood In The Streets”.

Also you can already enjoy his single “Love Don’t Live Here No More” with Kandace Springs

Also “The Battlefield” Featuring AZ & Kool G Rap

“Double Cross” featuring AZ

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New Album: Xmas Party Album! – Vengaboys

It has been ages ago that I blogged about Vengaboys. Was it not November 27th of this year? 😉 After their comebacksingle “Rocket To Uranus”, their where rumours another single and album was coming up. Couple of single releases came, for instance the incredible “Hot, Hot, Hot”, but no album, until today.

The new single “Where Did My Xmas Tree Go?” is on this album.

Also you find new remixes of old tracks. “Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!!” (Snowtek), “We Like To Party (The Partybus)” (DJ Hardbell), “Kiss (When The Sun Don’t Shine)” – Treesto vs TR3HAB), “Shalala Shalala” ((Corsten), “We’re Going To Ibiza!” (Armin van Blizzard), “Up & Down” (DJ Carol Cox) & “Uncle John From Jamaica” (December Vegas & Light Mike).


Where Did My Xmas Tree Go?

Xmas Party Album!

New Single: The Beautiful – Gala

Loud beats on the new single “The Beautiful” by nineties Dance-act Gala. She also released a special Remixpackage with mixes by Todd Terry, Loge21 and Hoxton Whores ;-).

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The Beautiful – Gala

The Beautiful (Todd Terry, Hoxton Whores, And Loge21 Mixes)

New Single: Sin City / New Album: The Deaf – The Deaf

Di-Rect-member Spike is “Running Back To You”, this time not with his famous band Di-Rect, but with the other one, he showed us back in 2011 with the Album “Toot Whistle Plunk Boom!” and the single “Coming Down The Road”.

After 3 years the band is back with the amazing rocking “Sin City”

The single is not only the new thing, also the band released today a ten track album that gaves you the feeling we are living in the sixties. Well done! “Go Loose Yourself” is the incredible start and “Rides In, Roles Out” is the surprising slow song.


The Deaf – The Deaf 11/28/2014

Sin City – The Deaf 11/07/2014

Coming Down That Road – The Deaf 03/09/2011

Toot Whistle Plunk Boom! 04/08/2011

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