New EP: See – Alex Wellkers

The guy from Switzerland, Alex Wellkers will release his second EP after “Pre” called “See” next Monday featuring five English songs “You Are Mine”, “Moderation”, “Nothing At All”, “All The Same” and “Go On”. The music will be supported by HaPPyFan-Radio.

“See” is a little more Rocking than “Pre”. I think the first song “You Are Mine” is very strong because it has different layers and Alex used his voice in the ultimate way. “Moderation” is a very strong production.This is a provement that Alex really fits in the Rockgenre.

“Nothing At All” is included the rockguitar as well and is a good rocksong for sure. “All The Same” is not all the same at all. Very variated song with a great whispering line.

Last but not least “Go On” and make the EP a great combination for all the lovers of Rock.

All vocals, instruments, production by Alex Wellkers and the mixing and mastering by Lennart Jeschke.

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Image)

See – EP 12/08/2014

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