New Album: Raydiation – Ray J

Ray J has released a new Album “Raydiation” yesterday. With the help of Fat Joe (“Keep Sweatin”), “War Is Over” with his Sister Brandy. Shorty Mack & R. Kelly (“Quit Acting”), Gangsta Girl (“Unbelievable”) and with the “Sexy” MYA.

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New Single: Frank EP – Albin

Swedish popstar Albin released an incredible EP called “Frank”, including four tracks with on three of them DMA. Also Niello get along on “Precis Som Om Jag Faller”. On the track “Vilken Jävla Smäll” you can hear the guest vocals of “Kristin Amparo”

The latest Single is “Frank”.


New Single: I Den Stora Sorgens Famn – Lisa Nilsson

During the Midsommar I was walking around in Stockholm and I heard a voice singing live and loud. It sounds familair, but I could not come up with the name. It was Lisa Nilsson at a closed event and trying to see a snippit was not possible as the security did not let me in ;-).

Now she got released her new Single “I Den Stora Sorgens Famn” with such a beautiful Winter picture on the sleeve.

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Image)

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