Melodifestivalen 2015 Special 3 : Semi-Final 3: Östersund

The Third semi-final of Melodifestivalen took this evening place in Östersund with the following participants, who are dreaming to represent Sweden at this years Eurovision Songcontest.

Ellen Benediktson with “Insomnia”, a song she create together with by the incredible Anderz Wrethov, but even the high quality talent of Anderz was not enough to make it through the competition.

Kalle Johansson sang “För Din Skull” and did not impress enough the voters.

Andreas Weise “Bring Out The Fire” on stage and will do it again in the Second Change episode.

The “Glorious” Andreas Johnson was “Living To Die” and his song died and fell out the competition

“Don’t Stop” Isa in this Melodi-circus and will sang at the final

“I See You” Kristin Amparo at the Second Chance”

Jon Henrik Fjällgren goes to the Final with his “Jag är fri (Manne Liem Frijje)”

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Eurovision 2015-Melodifestivalen

Melodifestivalen 2015 Special 2: Semi-final 2: Malmö

Tonight will be the third semi-final of Swedish National Songcontest, but to get in the mood, this is about last weeks edition in Malmö!

Last years edition Linus Svenning was incredible with his “Bröder” at Melodifestivalen and this time, he returns with “Forever Starts Today”

Emelie Irewald sang her “Där och då med dig”

Duo Samir & Viktor caused a “Groupie” or more due to their performance

“If I Was God For One Day” is a great topic for Neverstore.

Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen sang “Nonetheless”

I love the old town (Gamla Stan is the Swedish translation) of Stockholm and I love Magnus Carlsson, so two become one in “Möt mig i Gamla stan”

The last song is by Mariette, she “Don’t Stop Believing”

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Eurovision 2015-Melodifestivalen

Straight to the final went Magnus & Mariette and the Swedish voters gave the boys Linus and Samir & Viktor a Second Chance

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