BREAKING NEWS : The Jacksons: Next Generation – 3T

3T are back with big exposure. October 2nd they have their own realityshow “The Jacksons: Next Generation”

Six years ago Michael Jackson died, but The Jackson Family continues with making Music, like Janet Jackson for instance who is “Unbreakable” with her latest Single “No Sleeep”.

Her brother Tito got three sons TJ (37), Taryll (40) and Taj (42). Lifetime will broadcast the Docuseries “The Jacksons: Next Generation.


3T will be followed how they try to maintain in the Entertainment Industry and how TJ is doing a co-legal guardian of Prince, Paris and Blanket, Michael Jackson his Children and they are involved in the promo.

Listen 2 3T – Discography – Spotify – Playlist (including Single “Why” featuring Michael Jackon)

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