New Single : Stay (Parralox 2015 Remix) – Marcella Detroit & Parralox

My “Shakespears Sister” Marcella Detroit “Stay” once again, this time with Parralox, who Remixed the legendary track in a beautiful animation by Rafaella Angelica Nepales.

“Stay (Parralox 2015 Remix) is available at the “Cosmic CollectioN EP” featuring also works by Dirty Disco, Julian Marsh, Paul Sharman and Bauuer)

Listen 2 Marcella Detroit – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Stay (2015 Cosmic Collection) – EP

New Album : Electronica 1 (Deluxe) : The Time Machine – Jean-Michel Jarre

Jean-Michel Jarre gets in “The Time Machine” from some beautiful “Electronica 1”

He has such a great surprising line-up with several acts, so you really need to see the Tracklisting first

The Time Machine by Jean-Michel Jarre & Boys Noize,
Glory by Jean-Michel Jarre & M83,
Close Your Eyes by Jean-Michel Jarre & Air,
Automatic, Pt. 1 by Jean-Michel Jarre & Vince Clarke
Automatic, Pt. 2 by Jean-Michel Jarre & Vince Clarke,
If..! by Jean-Michel Jarre & Little Boots,
Immortals by Jean-Michel Jarre & Fuck Buttons,
Suns Have Gone by Jean-Michel Jarre & Moby,
Conquistador by Jean-Michel Jarre & Gesaffelstein,
Travelator, Pt. 2 by Jean-Michel Jarre & Pete Townshend,
Zero Gravity by Jean-Michel Jarre & Tangerine Dream,
Rely on Me by Jean-Michel Jarre & Laurie Anderson,
Stardust by Jean-Michel Jarre & Armin van Buuren,
Watching You by Jean-Michel Jarre & 3D (Massive Attack),
A Question of Blood by Jean-Michel Jarre & John Carpenter,
The Train & The River by Jean-Michel Jarre & Lang Lang.

Listen 2 Jean-Michel Jarre – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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New Single : (I Like It When You) Smile / New Album : That Would Be Me – Harry Connick Jr.

Before Adele named Albums the age at that specific moment, Harry Connick Jr. did it when he was 20 and 25 years old. That was only twice. Harry is back again with the Album “That Would Be Me” featuring the Singles “(I Do) Like We Do” and “(I Like It When You)Smile”

Scroll below to purchase an Exclusive Target Bonus Edition of the Album!

Listen 2 Harry Connick – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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New Single : Hakuna Kama Wewe – Lady Bee

On her Birthday, Lady Bee got a beautiful message to all of you…

“As you listen to this song,may His grace and mercy be upon you..If you haven’t given your life to Christ,dont waste your time,lifešŸ™Come to Jesus,He loves you…..Lady Bee-Hakuna Kama Wewe”

So, reason to enjoy her song on YouTube!

New Single : The Other Boys – NERVO feat. Kylie Minogue, Jake Shears & Nile Rodgers

Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears and Kylie Minogue are doing some Guest vocals on the New Single “The Other Boys” by NERVO featuring Nile Rodgers.

Listen 2 Kylie Minogue – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

Listen 2 Jake Shears – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

Listen 2 NERVO – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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The Other Boys (Remixes) 10/23/2015

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