New Single : The News – Douwe Bob

Take a listen to the Eurovision Songcontest 2016 participant for Holland Douwe Bob with “The News”, a beautiful mix of Rock’n Roll and Countryrock.

Listen 2 Douwe Bob – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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The News – Single 09/25/2015

New Single : Kila Goti – Lady Bee

During a conversation about African artists, I mentioned Lady Bee last weekend and strangely the word “Kila” was discussed as well the day before yesterday. It was not in an African way as it means “Weirdo” in Asia and in Africa “Each”. Lady Bee got finally a follow-up after her first Single “John; 3 16”. She released a couple of weeks ago her Gospel Single “Kila Goti” (Each Knee) on YouTube and earlier this month on Spotify. Its her birthday. So watch her latest Single and purchase.

On the B-side the track “Niko Huru”

Listen 2 Lady Bee – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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New EP : Sorrow And Cyanide – Never Found

Saturday Never Found will release their Debut EP “Sorrow And Cyanide”. Enjoy their Rock, Punk & Metal adventure.

First I tell you the line-up of this band from England.

Daniel Barnes – Vocals and Guitar
Sam Redmayne – Guitar
James Sweeten – Bass
Keiran Ivey – Drum

The EP contains “Choking Me”, “Just Like Hollywood”, “King Of Nothing” and the first Single “Take Me Away”

Listen 2 Never Found – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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BREAKING NEWS : Diane Charlemagne ( Urban Cookie Collective ) R.I.P.

Urban Cookie Collective-star Diane Charlemagne has died surrounded by friends and family because of Cancer.

Last November 20th she released her last Single “It’s In Your Eyes”

We always remember her as the Urban Cookie Collective -frontwoman with “The Key, The Secret” (1993)

Diane Charlemagne (51) R.I.P.

Listen 2 Urban Cookie Collective – Discography – Spotify Playlist.

Listen 2 Diane Charlemagne – Discography – Spotify Playlist.

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The Very Best Of (CD)

The Very Best Of (CD/DVD)

The Very Best Of (MP3) 10/11/2004

It’s In Your Eyes – Diane Charlemagne & Andy Rourke

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