New Album : Intimate Science – SirPaul

Sirpaul impressed with his Electro Music. Last year he released “Black Leather” with a (very soft gayporn) video, every gay should have seen (surprisely viewed only 3187 times in an censored version as SirPaul was too provocative for YouTube).

(and the uncensored version 😉 )

Single is available at his Album “Seventh Star” from 2013.

This year he released the track “Kiss Me, Kill Me”, available at his upcoming New Album “Intimate Science” and at Original Soundtrack from the Movie “Kiss Me, Kill Me”.

You can help him winning the Synthesize Me 2015 year-end chart, with VOTE below

Listen 2 SirPaul – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

BUY @ AMAZON / ITUNES (Click On The Images)

Kiss Me, Kill Me (O.S.T.) – Album 09/15/2015

Black Leather (CDSingle) 08/04/2015

Seventh Star (CD)

Seventh Star (MP3)

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