MAGIC EVENTS : The Ultimate ’88 Hip Hop Reunion – Mobb Deep

Hiphop-act Mobb Deep was ready to party at “The Ultimate ’88 Hip Hop Reunion” at the last day of January at Paard van Troje in The Hague with support-act Woodie Smalls.

This event was not in the evening, but in the noon. As that is really rare, some people realised this too late and visit the ultimate experience for the Hiphop-fans not in time.

After the DJ’s playing some Hiphop tunes, Woodie Smalls came on stage at 4 PM. The men from Belgium act American with their talking between the songs of his Album “Soft Parade” in english.

Exactly one hour later Mobb Deep-members Havoc and Prodigy starts their show, together with a DJ and that they like their Dutch fans is not an understatement, as they performed in Holland in 2015 as well.

The venue was fully crowded with chilling people and like the eighties, you were allowed to smoke while attending a concert. It seems to be that it was not only smokersfriendly as there was a drugaddictive woman who tried to steal the show literally and trying to pull out the trigger. She failed because she was not strong enough.

Mobb Deep playes only their famous songs like “Shook Ones”, “Survival Of The Fittest”, “G.O.D. Pt III” and “Get Away”

At the end Prodigy was confused and asked the DJ if it was really a person who jumps of the balcony on stage”. This was not the only spontanious final act. After the show Mobb Deep did not leave the stage, they mingle with their fans as long as they want and two very sexy ladies get along, should they joining a private party?

BUY @ AMAZON / ITUNES (Click On The Images)

The Infamous (MP3)

Hell On Earth (MP3)

Murda Muzik – Mobb Deep (CD)

Murda Muzik – Mobb Deep (MP3)

Infamy – Mobb Deep (CD)

Infamy – Mobb Deep (MP3)

Amerikaz Nightmare – Mobb Deep (MP3)

Blood Money – Mobb Deep (MP3)

Free Agents – Mobb Deep

Survival Of The Fittest EP – Mobb Deep

Soft Parade – Woodie Smalls (CD)

Soft Parade

Soft Parade – Woodie Smalls (MP3)

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