Anita Doth will leave the most popular Eurodance-act 2 Unlimited to go to the “Next Level”, She goes Solo! It was not possible to combine those two. Anita ends her contract April 1st and will gave some final gigs soon and is already replaced by an unknown name.

May 20th Anita Doth will be the eyecatcher during a free showcase at Q-Factory in Amsterdam with “The Remix Trip: Woodstock”, which will be a psychedelic tribute to Janis Joplin.

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11/27 Anita Doth performs in Mannheim the last time with 2 Unlimited. Ray Slijngaard will continue 2 Unlimited with Kim Vergouwen, while Anita will doing her thing with the dancers Björk Gunnarsdóttir and Anne Wetzer in the nearby future and ofcourse being one of the Divas Of Dance.

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Next Level

Unlimited Hits & Remixes 05/05/2014