New Album : In Search For Better Days – Incognito

Incognito is “in Search For Better Days”. The New Album featuring the track with Imaani & Stuart Zender “Love Born In Flames”.

On the Album you find contributions by Maysa, Vanessa Haynes,Tony Momrelle, Avery*Sunshine, Katie Leone, Tomoyasu Hotel & Vuela Malinga.

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In Search For Better Days – Incognito 06/24/2016

BREAKING NEWS : Michael Jackson Sex Documents

In 2009 Michael Jackson passed away and still he is headlining the news regular times. This time his sex life is topic again as there are documents found with details about his SM photo-collection, porn and images of animal torture. All of these he used to seduce underage pictures.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department got the documents saved from the year 2003.

Michael got a huge amount of photos and videos featuring men, women, boys and girls in different perverse ways. Also his nephews who are famous under the name 3T are involved with sexually suggestive pictures of the famous trio.

According to a detectiv e”he was a manipulative, sex and drugs hungry predator. that bloody, raunchy and sexually explicitiete pictures of sacrificed animals and used perverted adults to bring children into his hand. He was also horrible nude pictures of adults and tortured children.”Michael Jackson was a perverse appetite for sex and disgusting pictures show a sadistic side of him that no one really knew.”

BREAKING NEWS : Attrell Cordes (PM Dawn) RIP

Yesterday nineties singer Attrell Cordes AKA Prince Be of PM Dawn died.

Together with his brother Jarrett he scored worldwide hits like “Set Adrift On Memory Bliss”, “Paper Doll” and “I’d Die Without You”.

Since 2005 Dr. Giggles replaced him several times because his kidney health issues. This is his statement on the official Facebookpage:

Prince Be Rest In Peace Forever More,
Pain from diabetes can’t harm you anymore,
My Heart is at Peace B-Cuz U suffered so long,
Tell Grandma I said Hi & Stay Blisstatic & Strong.
-Love Doc.G
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Attrell Cordes (46) RIP.

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The Best Of PM Dawn



New Single : Change – Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera is finally back with a New Single “Change” after one month delay.

The upcoming 3 months the money will be donated to the “National Compassion Fund” in dedication of the tragedy in Orlando.

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Change – Single 06/17/2016

New Single : Pieces – Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas released his New Single “Pieces” with and without Sam Feldt.

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Pieces (Radio Mix) – Single 06/16/2016

Pieces (Sam Feldt Remix) – Single 06/17/2016

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