New Single : Turn Me On – Sean Smith (Same Difference)

Nine years ago he was part of the duo “Same Difference” and now he is leaving his sister Sarah behind and goes solo with “Turn Me On”.

He got still the X Factor and will bring his Dancepop Single will be released soon!

Same Difference will “Shine On Forever” (the last Single), so enjoy the past!

Update 09/16: This is… THE OFFICIAL VIDEO!

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Turn Me On – Single 09/23/2016

Turn Me On (Remixes) – EP 09/30/2016

Shine On Forever – Single 08/29/2010

The Rest Is History – Album

New Single : Belong (ft Mans Zelmerlow) – Joshua Radin / Hanging On To Nothing – Mans Zelmerlow

Mans Zelmerlow released two Singles. One with Joshua Radin “Belong” (originally released in 2015) and one solo “Hanging On To Nothing”.

Listen 2 Mans Zelmerlow – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

BUY @ AMAZON / ITUNES (Click On The Images)

Belong (feat. Måns Zelmerlöw) – Single 08/19/2016

Onward and Sideways – Album 01/08/2015 (Original “Belong”)

Hanging On To Nothing – Single 08/28/2016

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