Magic Event: Releaseparty COOOL EP – Monique Klemann

At “De Nieuwe Anita” Monique Klemann presents her “COOOL EP” featuring her Single “COOOL” as the first part of her trilogy featuring Coco Zhao, which performs in his motherland China as a male and female jazz-singer. Both sides of him you can see in the Shanghai/Amsterdam-themed videoclip.

After Coco Zhao presents a snippit of his Chinese career, Monique Klemann kicks off with “Broken Heart” including her partner Jeroen den Hengst and her daughter Merel den Hengst came on stage as well for one song. After 40 minutes she ends with a chinese (!) version of “COOOL”, which will seduce Asia next year to buy the EP as well.

Besides all tracks of the EP, she played at a full “De Nieuwe Anita” (featuring her sister Suzanne Klemann and Girls Wanna Have Fun-fellows Mieke Stemerdink and Neel van der Elst in the audience) some tracks of her Album “On Patrol” like “The Wild Places”, “Stay” and “Cry Me A River” and other songs that makes the evening just “COOOL”.

Listen 2 Monique Klemann – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

BUY @ ITUNES (Click On The Link)

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