New Album : Places – Lea Michele

Glee-star Lea Michele released her New Album “Places” after the 4 New Singles “Love Is Alive, “Anything is Possible”, “Run To You” and “Getaway Car”.

My Best Of Lea Michele.

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New Single : Perdersi – Claudia Faniello

Next month Claudia Faniello will impress with her “Breathlessly” during Eurovision Songcontest. The Maltese singer is born in Italy, so what a beautiful idea to translate her song in Italian… enjoy “Perdersi” in the playlist below.

My Best Of Claudia Faniello.

Eurovision Songcontest 2017

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Perdersi – Single

Breathlessly (Deluxe Version) – EP 04/07/2017

Eurovision Songcontest 2017 – Album 04/21/2017

New Single : Mica Sings Ella – Mica Paris

Mica Paris is back with her New Single “Mica Sings Ella (Fitzgerald) “, that contains the songs “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye” and “Imagine My Frustration”.

Ps: Greet twist to spell the name “Michaela” as “Mica Ella”.

My Best Of Mica Paris.

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New Album : Oobopopop – Valaire

Last year Valaire released three amazing Singles “Whiskey Dew”, “Apata Palace” (with Kahli Abdu & Pierre Kwenders) and “By My Side” (with Alan Prater). Finally the songs are on their New Album “Oobopopop” (released September 2016, but now for streaming) after they release their videoclip for “GOLDEN RULE Do The Oobopopop”.

My Best Of Valaire.

Ps.: What an incredible artwork got the Album!

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