Breaking News : Sandra Reemer (66) RIP

Former Eurovision Songcontest singer Sandra Reemer has passed away. Today she lost her breastcancer battle.

Sandra Reemer got all eyes on her with Andres with “Als Het Om De Liefde Gaat” and became a beloved TV-personality in Holland.

3 months ago she told the press that her life was a rollercoaster of emotions and she explains she always lived a healthy way.

One of her last performances was in Indonesia, in her Motherland she participate in a TV-show “Gouden Jaren” (golden years) and when she returned her doctor says she really needs to do a body check up, that caused her diagnosis “breast cancer”.

Her last Single was “Child In A Manger”, which was released in 2015.

Her final TV moment was talking about Eurovision at Tijd Voor Max, just a few weeks ago (May 11).

Sandra Reemer died because of the (chemo) therapies to try to beat her cancer!

Sandra R.I.P.

My Best Of Sandra Reemer.


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