New Album : Listen Without Prejudice / MTV Unplugged (Deluxe Boxset / 2-CD Remastered) – George Michael

…while we are only one day waiting for THE NEW SINGLE…

Preorder the New Boxset “Listen Without Prejudice / MTV Unplugged”.

George Michael has sold over 80 million records worldwide. Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 was his second solo album, after Faith. Originally released in 1990 it went straight to Number 1 in the UK, and featured the timeless singles Praying For Time, Freedom! 90, Waiting For That Day, Cowboys and Angels and Heal The Pain. Listen Without Prejudice 25 is a celebration of this iconic album. Available for the very first time as part of the 4 disc set is MTV Unplugged the previously unreleased album. Recorded in 1996, it is one of George’s finest performances and features songs from Wham!, Faith, Listen Without Prejudice and Older. Plus the original album remastered.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. Praying For Time (Listen Without Prejudice Remastered)
2. Freedom! ’90 (Listen Without Prejudice Remastered)
3. They Won’t Go When I Go (Listen Without Prejudice Remastered)
4. Something To Save (Listen Without Prejudice Remastered)
5. Cowboys And Angels (Listen Without Prejudice Remastered)
6. Waiting For That Day (Listen Without Prejudice Remastered)
7. Mother’s Pride (Listen Without Prejudice Remastered)
8. Heal The Pain (Listen Without Prejudice Remastered)
9. Soul Free (Listen Without Prejudice Remastered)
10. Waiting (Reprise) (Listen Without Prejudice Remastered)

Disc: 2
1. Freedom! ’90 (MTV Unplugged album)
2. Fastlove (MTV Unplugged album)
3. I Can’t Make You Love Me (MTV Unplugged album)
4. Father Figure (MTV Unplugged album)
5. You Have Been Loved (MTV Unplugged album)
6. Everything She Wants (MTV Unplugged album)
7. Strangest Thing (MTV Unplugged album)
8. Older (MTV Unplugged album)
9. Star People (MTV Unplugged album)
10. Praying For Time (MTV Unplugged album)

My Best Of George Michael.

Listen Without Prejudice / MTV Unplugged (2-CD Remastered) 10/20/2017

Listen Without Prejudice / MTV Unplugged (Deluxe Remastered) 10/20/2017

Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 09/03/1990

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