New Album : The Greatest Hits Collection – Bananarama

It seems to be that the plan to release a New Single is skipped, but Bananarama release something anyway. On November 25th they will re-release their “Greatest Hits Collection” with all their Singles from 1981 – 1988 like “Cruel Summer” and “Venus” with a Bonus Disc with their favorite 12″ mixes.

To get in the mood of their Original Line Up Tour, you can enjoy their Greatest Hits through Spotify.


The Greatest Hits Collection – Album 06/06/1989

The Greatest Hits Collection (Re-Issue) – Album 04/14/2017

New Album : Live In Concert – THE MAESTRO & The European Poporchestra (Guido’s Orchestra)

“THE MAESTRO & The European Poporchestra” is the new name of “Guido’s Orchestra” to give the name the international touch, the dutch orchestra deserved.

Guido Dieteren and his orchestra makes the music for the recent international The Maestro Burger campagne for McDonald’s.

November 3rd the New Album “Live In Concert” will be out featuring some highlights of “Live in Kerkrade concert (Guido’s Orchestra 2016)” and the Album will contains the wonderful voice of Wendy Kokkelkoren and Roy Verbeek.

Check the website for more information:

Enjoy some highlights at this playlist:


Live In Kerkrade – Album 10/28/2016

Breaking News : Fats Domino (89) RIP

Fats Domino (89) has passed away. Celebrate his life with his “Greatest Hits” and buy his latest Album “Imperial Singles Collection”.

Greatest Hits.


Imperial Singles Collection – Fats Domino 04/28/2017

BREAKING NEWS : All In For The Gambler Celebration Farewell / New Album : Kenny Rogers Forever Volume 1 – Kenny Rogers

Icon Kenny Rogers will say goodbye to Music this weekincluding the “All In For The Gambler Celebration Farewell” concert including Dolly Parton (Ofcourse). Celebrate his wonderful works with New Album “Kenny Rogers Forever Volume 1” on Spotify.

Let’s hope his farewell celebration tonight at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville with Dolly Parton and others will released on DVD/CD. I bet it will ;-).

Ps: Read also about that Magic Event of last year with Kenny Rogers in Holland:

Greatest Hits.


Greatest Country Hits

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