New Album : The Passion And The Flame – Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson will be back in 2018 with a New Album called “The Passion And The Flame” on 2nd July 2018 featuring exciting collabs and duets.

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The Passion And The Flame – Album 07/06/2018

Shake It Up – Album 12/08/2015

New Album : Excuse Me (Ao Vivo) – Salvador Sobral

Miracle’s do happen! Salvador Sobral is finaly back with some New Music after winning Eurovision Songcontest with his New Album “Excuse Me (Ao Vivo)”.

Album contains “Excuse Me”, “Amar Pelos Dois” and 7 other tracks in an acoustic live edition.

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New Single : Family – SC3

S Club 7 got their second spin-off act with the 3 S Clubbers Bradley McIntosch, Jo O’Meara & Tina Barrett. This is SC3 with “Family”.

The single is linked to the Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity, so buy the song and make kids happy!


New Album : Here Come The Aliens – Kim Wilde

March 31, 2017 Ricky Wilde starts to make us very happy with the news that Kim & Rick are back at the RAK Studios for their New Album… and that Album “Here Come The Aliens” is almost ready to preorder.

According to the movieclip the Album is available now to purchase, but “Can You Come Over” a little later. Check this place when Itunes & Amazon really got the magic in their collection.

For information about the “Here Come The Aliens Tour”. Ticket Master will gave you what you want here:


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BUY @ AMAZON / ITUNES (Click On The Images)

Here Come The Aliens – Album 03/16.2018

Kim Wilde 24X36 Banner Poster RARE #RWF443563

F U Kristmas! – Single 12/01/2017

BREAKING NEWS : Siobhan Fahey “STAY” in Bananarama in 2018 / New Single : Lose Control – Bananarama

Lots of Bananarama in the media this year… “I heard A Rumour”, that Sara Dallin says Siobhan Fahey will leave the girls after their Original Line Up-Tour, which brings them back to the USA very soon, but… today it is confirmed that next summer, isn’t a “Cruel Summer” as Siobhan will be joining Keren Woodward & Sara Dallin at the Edingburgh Castle on 20th of July featuring special guests (we still waits for Jacquie O’Sullivan). Tickets are available to buy ‪from this New Music Friday (Dec 15th)‬ 9am @ ‪‬.

Do you know “Lose Control” by Kylie, an unreleased track from the “X” Album era. This track penned by Siobhan Fahey is possible the New Single sang by the awesome threesome.

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