New Single : Judgement Day – Robby Valentine

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get ready to rumble!”. Robby Valentine will make up happy each month with a New Single and after “Soldiers Of Light”,”Judgement Day” will be the next one. The Single is available at his upcoming New Album “The Alliance” and is recently get a re-edit as Michael Buffer did not want his voice (as found on YouTube) blended in the track.

The following information can be found at his official Facebook page:

The disc will contain three songs:
Judgement Day (May 2018 version)
Judgement day (acoustic version, won’t appear anywhere else)
Eleanor Robyn (song about Robby’s daughter as it’s almost father’s day ;-))
Digitally only Judgement Day itself will be released.
The acoustic Judgement Day version won’t appear anywhere else.
The single is being released as sponsorship damage control for the 1500 destroyed albums earlier this week. You can order yours for a minimum of EUR 10,- (ex shipment)
But of course you can sponsor as much extra as you like.

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