New Album: The Ultimate Collection 1990-2014 / New Single: Everybody Singing – Dr. Alban

Dr. Alban release his new Album “The Ultimate Collection 1990-2014” last May featuring his duet with Jessica Folcker (she is been heard on different songs on this Album) “Around The World” and redux editions of like “Hello Africa”, “No Coke” and “It’s My Life”. It’s the right African summer beats to cope with the winter.

His new Duet with Dynamic “Everybody Singing” is not included, Remix done by DJ Junior & Roger Slato.

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The Ultimate Collection 1990-2014 05/28/2014

Everybody Singing – Dynamic & Dr. Alban 11/11/2014

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single: Standing In Love / Girls In Every Angle / Rainy Day / One And Only – Beenie Man

Beenie Man released four singles Re-releases “Standing In Love”, “Girls In Every Angle” (remix) , “Rainy Day”(Remastered) and new single “One And Only”. Tell me what you think about the latest one in the poll!

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Standing In Love 09/04/2014

Girls In Every Angle 09/05/2014

Rainy Day 09/23/2014

One And Only 09/23/2014

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single / Official Videoclip : Pitbull Terrier / New Album: Donker Mag – Die Antwoord PREORDER NOW!

The amazing Original funny African act Die Antwoord are back with a brand new Album “Donker Mag”. Including the Single of almost one year ago “Cookie Thumper!”

The next Single will be “Pitbull Terrier”

The Album will be out June 3rd, but you can already preorder it now!

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CD 06/03/2014


Cookie Thumper! – MP3 Single 06/16/2013

New Videoclip: Hey Butterfly – Susie Paivarinta

Some weeks ago Susie Paivarinta released “God Bless The Rain”

Now the rainseason is gone and we should enjoy the summer. See the beauty of those simple little things that we all see flying in the brand new videoclip “Hey Butterfly” by Susie Paivarinta.

The videoclip featured once again African Swede Getty Domein, who do the backing vocals.

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Hey Butterfly 05/06/2014

God Bless The Rain 02/07/2014

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