New Single : Dio Theoi / New Album : The Early Years ( Ta Prota Hronia ) – Sakis Rouvas

Sakis Rouvas is one of the most famous Greek singers, now he got a New Single “Dio Theoi” out.

Also he got a New Album released “The Early Years”, a compilation of twenty tracks like “Parta”, “1992” and “Kane Me”

Listen 2 Sakis Rouvas – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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The Early Years – CD

Dio Theoi – Single 10/23/2015

BREAKING NEWS: Demis Roussos R.I.P.

The most famous male Greek singer is no more. Demis Roussos, born in Egypt with the name Artemios Ventouris Roussos died in hospital at the age of 68 and leaves his wife and two kids behind.

Demis Roussos was a member of Aphrodite’s Child and become a famous solo-singer with legendary songs “My Friend The Wind”, and “Forever And Ever”

One of my favorites “Summer Wine”, a duet with the incredible Nancy Boyd.

He sold more than 40 million records all over the world.

He died in the early hours of Sunday due to cancer.

Demis Roussos (68) R.I.P.

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Best of Aprodite’s Child

Forever and Ever: The Definitive Collection

Demis Roussos Greatest Hits – Forever and Ever 07/11/2011

Demis 10/18/2013

Reflection 10/18/2013

Live in Brazil: Pt. 1 – Remastered Edition 08/20/2013

Live in Brazil, Pt. 2 (Remastered Edition) 08/20/2013

Attitudes 10/18/2013

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album: Happy Birthday Tour – Nana Mouskouri

At the moment Nana Mouskouri is doing her Happy Birthday Tour and to celebrate even more. She has released an album with 22 live tracks and she did it not all on her own. She did it with Alan Goraguer (Et Song Orchestra), Georges Petsilas Et Son Ensemble, Jacques Denjean, Peter Knight & Torrie Zito Et Song Orchestra.

A song that is not on this album, is “Luxembourg”, the 1963 hit, she performed during Eurovision Songcontest.

She is 80 years old and still going strong. AMAZING!




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