Magic Special : Tribute To Wham!

George Michael & Andrew Ridgeley, a legendary duo from the eighties featuring the other legendary duo Pepsi & Shirlie as backing vocals. Let’s gave Andrew, Pepsi and Shirlie some love on earth and George some love to heaven with listening/watching their official videoclips/singles as a dedication to the “Fantastic” Wham!, which reunited only in 1991!

This is my MAGIC MUSIC Top 5

01) Last Christmas
02) Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
03) The Edge Of Heaven
04) Club Tropicana
05) Careless Whisper

My deepest condolences to his partner Fadi Fawaz and all the other beloved ones.

Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou (25 June 1963 – 25 December 2016) RIP

My Best Of Wham!

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The Final (Deluxe Edition) 11/25/2011

The Final, Deluxe Edition Import, CD+DVD Edition by Wham (2011) Audio CD

Magic Special : Johnny Depp’s band Hollywood Vampires

Johnny Depp is in the news about his wild (private) life with drugs and alcohol (which caused marriage trouble with his wife Amber Heard), but he is also just performing with his band Hollywood Vampires. Together with his fellows Alice Cooper & Joe Perry he is at Rock Am Rio tonight). Let’s take a look at his Music.

First of all a 3-track EP “Hollywood Vampires” released in 2015 featuring the songs “I Got A Line On You”, “Schools Out/Another Brick On The Wall” and “My Dead Drunk Friends”.

“Itchycoo Park”,”My Generation” was the Single that follows and the year 2015 ends with their latest Single “Whole Lotta Love”.

The band released one Album simply called “Hollywood Vampires”.

Listen 2 Hollywood Vampires – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Hollywood Vampires (Deluxe) 09/11/2015



Magic Special : Support “Biggest Loser” Final Eurovision Songcontest Jamie-Lee Kriewitz

If you are just 18 years old and already made it to the final of Eurovision Songcontest, that is a huge prize anyway, but for Jamie-Lee from Germany it is a bitter pill to end at the last place. Sometimes it just happens that you are the “Biggest loser”.

Guess it is time to bring back the “Ghost” and support her song and watch her fantastic fairytale!

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Berlin – Album



Ghost (Remixes) – Single

Ghost (CDSinge)

Eurovision Songcontest 2016 (MP3)

Eurovision Songcontest 2016 (CD)

MAGIC SPECIAL : Strike A Pose Film : AIDS / HIV In Bed With Madonna

The last weeks Luis Camacho, Oliver Crumes III, Salim Gauwloos, Jose Gutierez, Kevin Stea and Carlton Wilborn expand their “In Bed With Madonna” – adventure after 25 years without Madonna to promote the documentary “Strike A Pose” around the world, but what happens with the 7th dancer Gabriel Trupin?

At age 26, Gabriel died in December 1995 because of AIDS. He was 19 when he was Vogue-ing with Madonna and at that time already become the victim of the deadly disease. 7 years after Madonna “Love Won’t Protect You”advert.

His side of the story has been told by his mother. A beautiful way to pay tribute to him.

As Gabriel did, also Carlton Wilborn kept secret to Madonna that he got HIV. He was diagnosed in 1985 and told his family in 2006 and to the world in his autobiography “Front & Center”. Another book followed “I AM Empowered: Igniting Freedom, Courage and Healing!”. Carlton Wilborn released in 2004 an Album “A Call For The Warriors” and the song “The Walk Of Responsibility” seems to be a referation of his tragedy.

Salim Gauwloos tells his mother after the Blond Ambition Tour that he was HIV Positive. At age 18 it seems to be he was going to live for five years, but miracles do happens and during the making of the Strike A Pose Film he finally reveailed his Health secret.

For more information :

Listen 2 Madonna – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Front & Center: How I Learned To Live There Paperback – July 20, 2012

I AM Empowered: Igniting Freedom, Courage and Healing! Paperback – May 18, 2012

A Call For The Warriors -(CD)- Album (2008-04-01)

A Call For The Warriors (MP3) – Album

Truth Or Dare – Madonna (DVD)

In Bed With Madonna (DVD)

MAGIC SPECIAL : Jamala Wins Eurovision Songcontest 2016

Next year Eurovision Songcontest 2016 will NOT take place to Australia because of Dami Im or Russia because of Sergey Lazarev. Although when Australia wins it will took place in Germany (?), no it’s for a second time Kiev again. Ukraine can be proud with their Love & Peace-song “1944” song by Jamala.

Not all eyes where on Jamala as Justin Timberlake steal every heart with his New Single “Can’t Stop The Feeling”.

This time the voting at the end of the show was much better. First jury results (Australia seems to be the winner) and than televoting (Poland impressed NOT the jury, but was very popular anyway)

TOP 10

01) Ukraine;
02) Australia;
03) Russia;
04) Bulgaria;
05) Sweden;
06) France;
07) Armenia;
08) Poland;
09) Lithuania;
10) Belgium.

Germany’s “Ghost” ends at place 26.

Listen 2 Eurovision Songcontest 2016 – Spotify – Playlist.

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1944 – Jamala (Ukraine)


Eurovision Songcontest 2016



Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

MAGIC SPECIAL : Final Eurovision Songcontest 2016 / Matt Simons Versus Frans / Eurovision Albums And More

This is the list of participants, who tries to be Eurovision Songcontest Winner 2016.

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01) What’s The Pressure – Laura Tesoro (Belgium)

02) I Stand – Gabriela Gunčíková (Czech Republic)


03) Slow Down – Douwe Bob (Holland)

04) Miracle – Samra (Azerbaijan)

05) Pioneer – Freddie (Hungary)

06) No Degree Of Seperation – Francesca Michielin (Italy)

07) Made Of Stars – Hovi Star (Israel)

08) If Love Was A Crime – Poli Genova (Bulgaria)

09) If I Were Sorry – Frans (Sweden)

Catch & Release – Matt Simons

10) Ghost – Jamie-Lee (Germany)



Berlin – Album (CD)

11) J’ai Cherché – Amir (France)

Au cœur de moi – Album

12) Color Of Your Life – Michał Szpak (Poland)

Byle Byc Soba – Album



13) Sound Of Silence – Dami Im (Australia)


Sound of Silence


14) Alter Ego – Minus One (Cyprus)

15) Goodbye (Shelter) Sanja Vučić ZAA (Serbia)

16) I’ve Been Waiting for This Night – Donny Montell (Lithuania)


#Blck – Album

17) Lighthouse – Nina Kraljić (Croatia)

18) You Are The Only One – Sergey Lazarev (Russia)

18) Say Yay! – Barei (Spain)

Throw The Dice – Album

20) Heartbeats – Justs (Latvia)


21) 1944 – Jamala (Ukraine)


22) Walk On Water – Ira Losco (Malta)

23) Midnight Cold – Nika Kocharov and Young Georgian Lolitaz (Georgia)

24) Loin d’ici – Zoë (Austria)

Debut (Deluxe) – Album



25) You’re Not Alone – Joe & Jake (United Kingdom)

(Cahill Club Mix)

26) LoveWave – Mukuchyan (Armenia)

My Predictions is:

06)The Netherlands;
17)United Kingdom;
24)Czech Republic;

Will tonight have a better interval than this incredible “Grey People”during the first show?

Romania could not pay the Eurovision Invoice, so here is a “Moment of Silence”, performed by Ovidiu Anto.

Listen 2 Eurovision Songcontest 2016 – Spotify – Playlist.

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Magic Special : Ira Losco Walk On Water At Eurovision Songcontest 2016

At first semi-final of Eurovision Songcontest 2016 pregnant Ira Losco steals almost the show, but Russia can’t be beaten her “Walk On Water”.

Sergey Lazarev and Ira has something incommon when it becomes to their past. Her first Single is called “7th Wonder”, which she participate in Eurovision with in 2002 and Sergey released a Single called “7 Wonders”.

Listen 2 Ira Losco – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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7th Wonder – Single 05/23/2005


Don’t look Down 2008

What’s The Matter With You 2009

Uh-Oh 2011

Idle Motion (Toby Remix) [feat. Ira Losco] 05/01/2012

<img src="; width="1" height="1" border="0"

What I’d Give – EP (featuring Get Out) 08/05/2012

Get Out (1 track, CD-R, no inlays) [Single-CD]

Get out (1 track, CD-R, no inlays) [Single-CD]

Love Me Or Hate Me – Album (ft. Accident Prone) 10/15/2012

The Fire – Album (ft. The Person I Am, Me Luv U Long Time, The Way It’s Meant To Be, Shouldn’t Have To Bother, Dead Or Alive) 03/20/2013


The World Is Ours – David Correy & Ira Losco (Coca-Cola) 2014

Haunted By Love – Single 2015

(Bside “Walk On Water”)

Walk On Water – Single 08/04/2016


Skeleton Key (feat. Ira Losco, Sixth Simfoni & Spine Splitter)
Chapter Zero

Lonely in the Dark (feat. IRA Losco)
Red Electrick

Magic Special : DSDS – Winner Prince Damien

Prince Damien released his first Single in 2013 “Call Me Now” with Zend Davis. That was not his “Glücksmoment”, because the Single did not get very well and in 2015 he did not have the X Factor (with the Single “Easy Breezy” in the United Kingdom, but now it’s his time as he is the winner of Deutschland sucht den Superstar.

Listen 2 Prince Damien – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Call Me Now (feat. Prince Damien) EP – Zend Davis 06/29/2013

Easy Breezy – Single 03/05/2013

When I Think Of You (CDSingle) 03/03/2014

Beep Me – Single 08/30/2014

Glücksmoment – Single 05/07/2016)

Magic Special : Madonna Vogue Dancer Kevin Stea AKA That Rogue Romeo

Because of the “Strike A Pose” film about the Madonna dancers during her Blonde Ambition tour, all eyes are on the seven boys. Did you know one of them making music as well?

Kevin Stea released several things as “That Rogue Romeo”. Take a view of his Official Videoclips.


City Of Glass:


Last Dance:



More information Strike A Pose Film:

More information That Rogue Romeo:

Listen 2 That Rogue Romeo – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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HitMan – Single 10/16/2010

Last Dance – Single 03/07/2012

Man U Loved – Single 04/16/2012

Machine & Magic – Album 04/19/2012



Joy – Single 04/19/2012

This Beat – Single 04/19/2012

Machine & Magic – Single 04/20/2012

Right Where We Belong – Single 05/23/2012

Perfect – Single 09/04/2013

Rebuild 19 – Single 07/10/2013

Stutter – Single 10/21/2013

Domino (EP Plus Perfect) 04/07/2014

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