New Single: Sin City / New Album: The Deaf – The Deaf

Di-Rect-member Spike is “Running Back To You”, this time not with his famous band Di-Rect, but with the other one, he showed us back in 2011 with the Album “Toot Whistle Plunk Boom!” and the single “Coming Down The Road”.

After 3 years the band is back with the amazing rocking “Sin City”

The single is not only the new thing, also the band released today a ten track album that gaves you the feeling we are living in the sixties. Well done! “Go Loose Yourself” is the incredible start and “Rides In, Roles Out” is the surprising slow song.


The Deaf – The Deaf 11/28/2014

Sin City – The Deaf 11/07/2014

Coming Down That Road – The Deaf 03/09/2011

Toot Whistle Plunk Boom! 04/08/2011

The Rough Rollers & Billy Idol Live “Idol Live Worldtour 2014/2014”

9 years ago Billy Idol performs in Holland and I was completelly shocked. A 50 year old man jumped to the extreme and sang like he is standing still!

I am 9 years older, but Billy is still “Sweet Sixteen”. He proved that since November 5th in Birmingham and continues in Dublin, London, Manchester, Stuttgart and Frankfurt and yesterday Billy took Amsterdam over with his band.

18 Nov – Dusseldorf, DE
19 Nov – Brussels, BE
21 Nov – Nuremberg, DE
22 Nov – Lucern, CH
23 Nov – Milan, IT

(The rest of the world needs to be patient and need to wait for 2015)

A few minutes earlier The Rough Rollers went on stage to do the warming up. Jack Byrne. Malcolm Ford, Kyle Olson and Graham Norwood are making music since 2008 and toured with Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, Queens of the Stone Age and now Billy Idol.

Singer Jack danced with the microphone and sang his songs like he do it for at least 30 years.

The band from New York was very communicative to the audience, that gaves a very intimate touch. Even a lucky guy received a bottle of Whiskey … for three minutes and ask it back to make some confusing.

The Dough Rollers Edit

In 30 minutes the band from New York introduce their Rock and Blues music like songs from their latest E.P. “Gone Baby Gone”.

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Little Lily – Single – The Dough Rollers 07/09/2013

Gone Baby Gone – EP – The Dough Rollers 03/11/2014

Exactly at 9 PM Billy Idol was ready to show who the greatest Rockstar (and Popstar) on this planet it with his very rare kind of stage performance with non-stop interactive movements to the audience. For the die-hard fans it was once again chance to get some plastic signed plates, drumsticks, signed setlistpapers and even one lucky person received his sweaty tshirt.

Billy Idol (17-11-2014) edit

17 songs in 1 hour and 45 minutes, started with “Postcards Of The Past” and ends with “Rebel Yell”. From the new album “Kings & Queens Of The Underground” The recent single “Can’t Break Me Down” and “Save Me Now” become huge in the live version.

After a very short break Billy and his band continues with the incredible “White Wedding” and “Mony, Mony”.

The audience was mixed with big muscled man, eighties lovers, lots of Germans and lots of drunk people, who gave their own performances at the toilet and the corridors to entertain the very kind people from the Merchandise.

A rock-concert like these is one big loving and caring experience, with only one too wild to handly fan in the front row (just behind the pornstar Bobbi Eden).

If you are living in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy. Write this in your agenda:

18 Nov – Dusseldorf, DE
19 Nov – Brussels, BE
21 Nov – Nuremberg, DE
22 Nov – Lucerne, CH
23 Nov – Milan, IT

Everyone who wants to see a living miracle, should attend Billy Idol and if you want to meet the superstar and his guitarist Steve Stevens (so not included his other Band fellows Stephen McGrath, Billy Morrison, Erik Eldenius and Paul Trudeau) check and for 170 euro you got a full package!

Billy Idol (17-11-2014) Meet & Greet

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Can’t Break Me Down – Billy Idol 08/26/2014

Kings & Queens of the Underground – CD 10/21/2014

Kings & Queens of the Underground (Bonus Track Version) – Billy Idol

Dancing with Myself Hardcover – Book 10/07/2014

New EP: Pre – Alex Wellkers

We did not heard lots of Swiss music. There is more than DJ Bobo from Switzerland. Alex Wellkers release his debut EP “Pre” featuring 5 acoustic guitarsongs in English and French started with “What I Like”.

My favorite is “J’ai Eu Peur” a beautiful French track that fits his voice.

What is your favorite track of the EP?

For more information:

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Pre – EP 08/01/2014

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album: In Motion / New Single: Stay For Awhile The Remixes – Amy Grant Featuring Tony Moran & Warren Rigg

Amy Grant, Boring? Sorry, but Amy Grant is the best Gospel singer and in case you think she is boring … her album “In Motion (The Remixes) is so 2014 with great remixes of Chris Cox, Guy Scheiman, Moto Bianco, Mark Picchiotti, Ralphi Rosario, Dave Aude. Even the famous DJ/ Producers 7th Heaven, Tony Moran and Hex Hector transformed Amy Grant in one of the hippest Dance-act of 2014.

Tony Moran and Warren Rigg remixed her 2010 Single “Stay For Awhile”. Let’s get shocked (as the follow-up of Baby Baby by Dave Aude and Mega Mix by DJ Andy 7th Heaven)!

You really need to buy the Album with ofcourse her famous “Baby,Baby” with a new fresh sound!


BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New (Deluxe) Album: Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse (Review)

After her “Beautiful” Single with Miguel.

And telling “You’re Mine (Eternal)”

Mariah Carey released her new Album “Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse” with “Supernatural” as the highlight. Her kids sang like an angel and the voice special effects are heavenly. The second part of the Album is much better than the first part including “One More Try”, yes THE famous George Michael song. Amy Winehouse dedication is by the way well done (“Meteorite”).Recommended as a next Single!

She worked with NAS (“Dedicated”), Wale (“You Don’t Know What To Do”) , Fabolous (“Money $ * / …”) and like she said “Mary J. Blige” is for the Deluxe (“it’s A Wrap”). Also on the Deluxe her duet with R. Kelly (“Betcha Gon’ Know”).

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Deluxe Explicit CD 05/27/2014

Deluxe Explicit MP3 05/23/2014

Deluxe Clean MP3 05/23/2014

Regular Explicit MP3 05/23/2014

Regular Clean MP3 05/23/2014

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album: A Bit Of Pop Don’t Hurt Anyone – Ovi ( Review )

Just after the Eurovision Songcontest 2014, Ovi released his new album “A Bit Of Pop Don’t Hurt Anyone”, features the amazing duet with Paula Seling “Miracle” as the first track.

Romania is not only Inna as the worldwide popstar, Paula & Ovi are amazing. Paula sang on 5 tracks of this 9 Track album, including his own version of the song he wrote together with Phillip Halloun (appears on the great track “Girls”), Simen Eriksrud and Cecilie Harboe for the best musicact in Belgium history 2 Fabiola “She’s After The Piano”. They compete at the Belgium pre-selection of Eurovision “Eurosong”. They lost, but had such an big positive exposure that 2 Fabiola is very hot after a long while (even they had still fantastic tracks)

The version with Paula Seling is amazing as well and it has an own touch. My favorite version is the one with 2 Fabiola, but I can’t change my huge fanheart that beats non-stop since 1996 ;-).

According to the performance of Ovi & Paula during the Eurovision (they ends at the 10th position), it seems to be that the Dutch press were amazed by Paula her voice, but not the one of Ovi, but I can say that his solotracks are well done. Especially “One Day”.

Ovidiu ‘Ovi’ Jacobsen and Paula Seling ends this album with an “Acoustic Version” of their “Miracle”.


A Bit Of Pop Dón’t Hurt Anyone 05/05/2014

Miracle – Single

Miracle – Make Your Own Remix Kit

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album: The Secret – Eurotix (Review)

Swedish synthduo Eurotix has finally released their debut album “The Secret” contains 12 tracks and let you dream back to the eighties for 47 minutes including the singles “I Plead Insanity” & “Life As It Slips Away”.

All tracks are worthwhile to listen and makes you think about OMD for some reason. I love the catchy “Let’s Die Young”. The worst track is “I’m Ready For My Close-Up”, but even the “worst” is well done. Best track is “After Before, Before After”. The title sounds as amazing as the song is. Such an incredible ballad! Army Of Lovers & BWO fans should listen to “Decadence”, you hear “the influence” of Alexander Bard his magic mind.

You can scroll to below to choose your favorite song!


The Secret – May 10th, 2014

LIFE AS IT SLIPS March 20, 2014

Life As It Slips Away / Clubland / When You Go / We Could Have Been

I PLEAD INSANITY November 10, 2013.

I Plead Insanity / I Plead Insanity (Blue Ocean Dream Remix) / Supernatural (12″ Version) / Replay

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Album / New Custom Pillow Case / New CD/DVD + Mr. Brainwash Poster : XSCAPE – Michael Jackson (Review)

Dreams came true (some days earlier than expected) The new album “XSCAPE” by Michael Jackson, all because L.A. Reid found “Something Special” is not a “Bad” trick of wrong songs messed up with some clever producers, no this is “As good as usual”.

“Love Never Felt Good” is the openingtrack and this is so extremely beautiful. Everybody should love it. “Chicago” reminds me of “Scream” and “In The Closet” and yes, this is as good as those mentioned songs.”Loving You” fits with his late seventies songs and is very very good as well. “A Place With No Name” has a bit of a “Smooth Criminal”-sound with a rhythm that makes you move and the bridge is so beautiful. 5,5 minutes is not too long (but even too short!).”Slave To The Rhythm” is not a cover of the amazing “Grace Jones”. It is Original as hell. Intro is so incredible with special computer sounds you have never heard before. Actually this is also a refreshing sound. Can’t compare it to any of his older material. Catchy as catch can be.”Do You Know Where Your Children Are” is the song a lot of people have talked about, as this is a track about all the Child Issues he had in his life. An amazing production with so many technical tricks and so stylish. As all the other songs this sounds like “Number One”.”Blue Gangsta” is typical a prove that lots of songs from Justin Timberlake are inspired by Michael Jackson with his incredible backing vocal arrangements.”Xscape”is the final track and this is another dancetrack with all the ingredients we adore so much.

All songs are in an Original version as well (sortkind of Unplugged editions). All magical, but you can only say “Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins” and “Stargate” did an excellent job to gave it a very special platinum touch and everyone who was afraid this is not Michael Jackson, but a rip-off. Dream on … This is IT!

Final track of this legendary upcoming Multi-platinum album is the single version of “Love Never Felt So Good” with Justin Timberlake and his input is just a bonus, but I prefer without and what about you?

(click on the text to order this seperate)

Love Never Felt So Good

UPDATE 13/5: Fedde Le Grand has made a remix of The amazing “Love Never Felt So Good”!


XSCAPE (Standard MP3 May 9. 2014.

Only 8 original tracks!

XSCAPE (Deluxe MP3)

XSCAPE (Deluxe Edition CD\DVD) May 13, 2014.

Bonus DVD Includes:
– XSCAPE Documentary (L.A. Reid and the producers discuss their experiences on this project)
– XSCAPE Documentary Outtakes

– Exclusive Mr. Brainwash poster – Michael Jackson was an early admirer of Mr. Brainwash and they became friends. Now he has created an original piece of art which has been included as a poster with the CD version.

Michael Jackson Xscape Custom Pillowcase Cover Two Side Picture Size 16×24 Inch

Love Never Felt So Good (Fedde Le Grand) – Single 05/19/2014

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