New Single: Sin City / New Album: The Deaf – The Deaf

Di-Rect-member Spike is “Running Back To You”, this time not with his famous band Di-Rect, but with the other one, he showed us back in 2011 with the Album “Toot Whistle Plunk Boom!” and the single “Coming Down The Road”.

After 3 years the band is back with the amazing rocking “Sin City”

The single is not only the new thing, also the band released today a ten track album that gaves you the feeling we are living in the sixties. Well done! “Go Loose Yourself” is the incredible start and “Rides In, Roles Out” is the surprising slow song.


The Deaf – The Deaf 11/28/2014

Sin City – The Deaf 11/07/2014

Coming Down That Road – The Deaf 03/09/2011

Toot Whistle Plunk Boom! 04/08/2011

New Single: Nobody Cares/ New Album: And We Should Die Of That Roar – And We Should Die Of That Roar

3 days ago I received a message from Norrköping, that is not such a big news as I do not lie if I admit I get daily messages from Norrköping for more than 5 years. Music takes me to that place and I have a life there with beautiful friends, so yes I get a little homesick feeling oh sorry I lied a big homesick feeling.

This time it was not one of my friends but from Hardy Hum, the singer/songwriter behind the project “And We Should Di Of That Roar”, he released his first album 9 days ago and I am wondering did you like this upcoming artist?

The album sounds very original with his rough voice and I guess one of the best tracks is “All Gone”.It is a mix of alternative rock, Punk, Underground, Progressive with a Blues flavour.

I think the fans of Tom Waits, Iggy Pop and Nick Cave should like him very much! You hear the influences of these artists (in a positive way).

Download his first single “Nobody Cares?” for free and tell me what you think about that.

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Image)

New Single: Underbart – Little Dragon

“Nabuma Rubberband” is a very succesful album for Swedish band “Little Dragon”. Now they release their next single of that album “Underbart”.


Nabuma Rubberband – CD

Little Dragon: Nabuma Rubberband (Free MP3) Vinyl LP

Nabuma Rubberband – MP3 Album

Underbart – Single

Nabuma Rubberband – Poster

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single / Official Videoclip : Pitbull Terrier / New Album: Donker Mag – Die Antwoord PREORDER NOW!

The amazing Original funny African act Die Antwoord are back with a brand new Album “Donker Mag”. Including the Single of almost one year ago “Cookie Thumper!”

The next Single will be “Pitbull Terrier”

The Album will be out June 3rd, but you can already preorder it now!

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Pictures)

CD 06/03/2014


Cookie Thumper! – MP3 Single 06/16/2013

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