New EP : Retropia 2 – ImagiNation Featuring Leee John

Gladly beautiful legendary singer Leee John gets further with his amazing Retropia. On Facebook he told us that their is a second EP coming up soon.

10/20: Fantasia & Make Your Mind Up are amazing tracks on the EP in different mixes.

My Best Of ImagiNation.


Retropia EP 2 20/10/2017

Retropia EP (feat. Leee John) 06/02/2017

New EP : Future Friends – Superfruit

Did you know Pentatonix boys Superfruit are amazing together as well? Enjoy their “Future Friends” featuring “Imaginary Parties”.

Preorder their second EP as well! Out in September!

My Best Of Superfruit.


Future Friends – Part One 06/30/2017

Future Friends – Part Two 09/15/2017

New EP : Deliverance – Prince

This New Music Friday, it’s one year ago that Prince died. A New EP “Deliverance” will be the celebration of his life, including the track with the same name and a 4-pieces medley.

The music is mixed by Ian Boxill.

My Best Of Prince.

BUY @ AMAZON / ITUNES (Click On The Images)

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