New Single : Higher & Higher – Eythor Ingi & Matti Stef

Eurovision Songcontest participant for Iceland Eythor Ingi is back with “Higher & Higher” together with Matti Stef. The original is from Jet Black Joe and the song is available at the Soundtrack for “Alfheim’s Edge The Movie”. The videoclip is made by One Man Film.

Also the track “Systir”, you can find on the Soundtrack.

Listen 2 Eythor Ingi – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Higher – Single 08/10/2016

Systir – Single 06/26/2016

New Album : FEAR – Marillion

“Fuck Everyone And Run” to buy the follow-up of “Brave Live 2013”, The New “F.E.A.R.” Album by Marillion. Out September 9th 2016 and the final date for pre-orders is 17th June. To hear the music first, you better watched out for their World Tour.

Listen 2 Marillion – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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F.E.A.R. – Album 09/09/2016

Brave Live 2013 10/21/2014

New Single: Breaking The Silence – Terese Fredenwall & Tommy Nilsson

Last year I was in Malmo at the pre-selection in Malmo of Melodifestivalen, I spoke with the girlfriend of Terese Fredenwall her bandmember. I knew for sure “Breaking The Silence” goes straight to the Final.

For some reasons the Swedes did not hear the beauty of the song, but now there is a second change to discover Terese Fredenwall. She rework the Single and makes it a duet with Tommy Nilsson.


New Single: Living Dangerously / New Album: Heart Beats – Dami Im

Just discovered Korean Australian singer Dami Im, he is making music since last year and she is going to be huge! Impressive with her cover of “Jolene” originally from Dolly Parton, she made great tracks for her second album “Heart Beats” like the singles “Super Love”, “Gladiator”, “Heart Beats Again” and her latest single “: Living Dangerously”. She got The X FACTOR for sure, so ofcourse she was the WINNER last year! BTW She already worked together with the famous producers 7th Heaven!

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Jolene (Acoustic) – Single – Dami Im 03/07/2014

Heart Beats (Deluxe Edition) – Dami Im 09/26/2014

Heart Beats – Dami Im 10/14/2014

New Single: Without You Here (Song For Kris) – Marco Oostra & Frankie Lee

Last year Marco Oostra (from The Voice Of Holland 2013) release his first singles “New Life” and “Keep It Up”. Now he returned together with Frankie Lee on an amazing benefitsingle for Kris Kremers, the girl that dissapeared together with Lisanne Froon, the friend in Panama last April.

They gets some support of different kind of people like Jeroen Nieuwenhuize (Radio 538), Martin Stoker (RTL 7) and Bob Sauer (CNN).

For more information:

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BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New Single: I’m No Angel / New Album: The Winery Dogs (Special Edition) / Dog Treats (Limited Edition) / Unleased In Japan in 2013 – The Winery Dogs

The Winery Dogs have their videoclip “I’m No Angel” gere-released.

This song is from 2013 and lots of things of the past get a rework. For instance a new “Special Edition” of “The Winery Dogs” with 10 live tracks included. Also just released “Dog Treats “Deluxe Special Edition” and you can preorder the special album “Unleased In Japan 2013” below.

Dog Treats – Deluxe Special Edition 24/04/2014


A Box of dog treats fortified with these essential vitamins:
The 2- Disc special edition.
A CD of demos from 2012, The Winery Pups.
A DVD of music videos and band interviews.
Mike Portnoy’s in-studio diary from the making of the record.
Custom Winery’s Dogs dog tag with chain.
Custom Winery Dogs wine bottle topper.
Custom Embroidered Paw print logo patch.

Unleased In Japan 2013 05/23/2014


Unleashed in Japan 2013 04/15/2014


The Winery Dogs (Special Edition) 04/15/2014

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