New Single : Vampire – Renato Shippee

Instagram sensation Renato Shippee released his New Single “Vampire” recently.



Vampire – Single April 16, 2020

New Single : The Best In Me – Tom Leeb

Last weeks all eyes where on singing actor Tom Leeb, not because his singing skills, but his looks, that is “male topmodel” quality. Now the attention gets back to music. Discover the beautiful song of Tom Leeb, which represent France at Eurovision Songcontest 2020. This is “The Best In Me”.



New EP : Cocaine And Whiskey (Remixes 1) – Jason Dottley

Gay actor and singer Jason Dottley’s fantastic Single “Cocaine And Whiskey” has been released in a Remixes EP featuring 8 mixes by Rick Cross, Dirty Pop, IDeal & J Break and Dany Cohiba.

The Single is also available at his “Dance” Album.

Listen 2 Jason Dottley – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

BUY @ AMAZON / ITUNES (Click On The Images)

Dance – Album 02/12/2016

Cocaine and Whiskey (Dirty Pop Radio Mix) – Single 01/22/2016

Cocaine and Whiskey – Single 08/18/2015

Cocaine and Whiskey (Remixes 1) – EP 04/26/2016

New Album: Last Of The Old Romantics (Expanded / New Single: Better Off Asleep – Magic Eight Ball

The Ark is dead, long live Magic Eight Ball! I bet all the fans of the Swedish Rockband will love this “Magic Cat Record” from England.

The Band with frontman Baz Francis released their Album “Last Of The Old Romantics (Expanded Version)
The Album featured the Single “Come Get Your Kicks”

Plus their latest Single “Better Off Asleep”

The Album also featured three tracks featuring the Bottom-legend Actor Rick Mayall “See You Next Tuesday”, “Wait Here A Second” and “On The Days You Wish You Could End It”. A beautiful goodbye of his life, as he passed away in 2014.

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