New Single : Hakuna Kama Wewe – Lady Bee

On her Birthday, Lady Bee got a beautiful message to all of you…

“As you listen to this song,may His grace and mercy be upon you..If you haven’t given your life to Christ,dont waste your time,life🙏Come to Jesus,He loves you…..Lady Bee-Hakuna Kama Wewe”

So, reason to enjoy her song on YouTube!

New Single : Kila Goti – Lady Bee

During a conversation about African artists, I mentioned Lady Bee last weekend and strangely the word “Kila” was discussed as well the day before yesterday. It was not in an African way as it means “Weirdo” in Asia and in Africa “Each”. Lady Bee got finally a follow-up after her first Single “John; 3 16”. She released a couple of weeks ago her Gospel Single “Kila Goti” (Each Knee) on YouTube and earlier this month on Spotify. Its her birthday. So watch her latest Single and purchase.

On the B-side the track “Niko Huru”

Listen 2 Lady Bee – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

BUY @ AMAZON (Click On The Image)

MAGIC EVENT : CAR-E Entertainment 4 Cabo Verde

I’ve been to several Cancer benefit shows in the past and last Saturday it was the first one that really touched my heart, because this was pure love conquering Rotterdam and I am not saying that because the lady behind is a friend of mine, as I am not hypocrite and always tell my friends if I like or dislike something (if they wants to know).

Carla Nascimento won a battle against Breast Cancer. At the start of her battle she kept everything secret and decorate her head with shawls by Di’Xpression (Great name by Diana J. Ritfeld), but in the middle of the Medical treatments, she tells what’s going on to push other victims to express.

While she was picking up the pieces and starts CAR-E Entertainment. She already did wonderful things, like the Official Videoclip for Yuli Minguel “Shake It Off”

She starts to continue supporting women with Breastcancer with the ultimate final in Theater Zuidplein, Rotterdam with her Cape Verde roots in a mix of Theater, Music, Workshops (by Leal Arazzi van Herwaarden and Annika Lau), Art, Food and most of all love in a beautiful lightshow!

Just after 8 PM the show starts with Lantuna, a beautiful choir of men, women and two cute kids who sang amazing. The kids shake their ass while they were singing like they are adults as well, but I guess they are both under ten years, so I guess they are born to dance and their part ends with the Amazing dancers of CAR-E Entertainment.

You really need to check Grupo Cultural Lantuna Facebook-page

After the Star Of The Night herself Carla Nascimento welcomes the audience in an almost sold-out loving and CAR-E-ing audience, she introduced us to a beautiful fashionable singer Melissa Fortes, who sang some songs like her incredible “Deixa A Chuva Passar”.

If you think tiny ladies are fragile, you need to invite Poliana Vieira, she released incredible songs, like her first Single “His Love Is Worth”

Her highlight was the song “Time To Change”, featuring on her first Album “Moods” as well as the Single

Than the incredible play starts about how a battle with Cancer starts and ends in beautiful parts between the music. The words and acting… just perfectly done by Sandro Lima, Melissa Fortes, Sonia Andrade, Ryan Dankfort, Adison dos Reis and Edson da Graça.

I am not very familair with Zouk-artists. My list starts with Zouk Machine (ofcourse!) and ends with Lady B Gouvernante, but ofcourse I knew the trio Adlicious and one of the members Laise Sanches is incredible without Jordy and Shirley as well.

It was planned that Carla introduced her, but Laise waits and waits and thought it was a good idea to do it by herself. A very funny spontanious acting as well as introducing one of the songs with the wrong producer in mind. The best out of the tree was her Single “Fight For This Love”

You need to be thankful, thankful for everything is the great message by Adison. he did a cool speech and in a minute the audience were all one with their hands together and the beautiful music continues with Sonia Andrade following who ends the first part.

A shocking start of the second part. Carla Nascimento tells her story with a beautiful heavenly powerful recording, while her dancers including Romario Almeida Gomes, impressed and dressed in creations by Zen-I Dias and the amazing Choreography is made by Louis Alves

Gery Mendes got so much energy, that you keep watching and stay awake and even plays flute in an impressive way.

After the wild, we take it slower again with Johnny Ramos who is impressive alone, but with Adlicious Jordan Roy, he thrills in an beautiful portugese duet with at the background a beautiful dancer. Topcombi!

Take a listen to his Single from 2013 “Nha Primeiro Amor”

Finally someone with a name that I can remember after hearing one time “Dina Medina”. She will release very soon her New Single and worked in the past with Fernando Lameirinhas on her Album “Mornamente”.

Dina, introduced the band of the show with leader and Guitar player Paulo Bouwman and contains the musicians Adriaan Correa on Percussion, Aristoteles Nascimento on Drums (I love his family name 😉 ),Manu Soares on Keyboard and Roberto Matias on guitar.

The Backing Vocalists who did the amazing difficult job to sing not the most easiest songs are Marise Barbosa, Douriz Monteiro (she got the X-factor and needs to conquer the Charts, when I met her last years and heard her singing skills) and the man in the middle Arlindo dos Santos.

After the final part of the incredible play, two finalist ends the show. Dino d’Santiago & Miroca Paris with also a very wonderful contribution by Poiliana.

Miroca Paris was fantastic, especially when Poliana Vieira gets back in the spotlight to do a beautiful song together.

Dino released a full Album “Eva” with the incredible song “Pensa Na Oji”

Take also a look to this report by Letra das Ilhas TV

Just after midnight the show ends at the Magic place Theater Zuidplein, with an afterparty and Carla Nascimento did it with so much LOVE and CAR-E! This was the first one and hopefully not the last one. If you were not there, you… REALLY REALLY REALLY HAVE MISSED SOMETHING HEAVENLY!

Ps.:I have not mentioned everyone involved, but it was a blessing to see so much love from everyone! Together we are ONE!

Ps.: Carla, LOVE U!

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