New Album : Unleash The Beat (Emerald Mix) – Jes

“Unleash the Beat (Emerald Mix)” is the New Album by Jes, featuring 15 EDM tracks like “Furia” with Dimension, “Trigger” with Dirty Ducks & Execute, “Hold On” with Shant, Clint Maximus & Fatum, “Ocean Drive” with Joonas Hahmo & K-System, “Aminia” with Jakko and the latest Single “Yai (Here We Go Again” with Cosmic Gate.

The Album continues with “One Way To LA” with Monoverse, “Atom” with Moonbeam, “Runaway” with Cold Blue, Dennis Shepard & Triad Dragons, “Koi Koi” with Alex O’Rion,”Cairo” with Jason Ross, “Runaway Train” with Alex Kunnari, “Flying Kitten” with Bobina, “Two Souls” with Fisherman & Hawkins.

Final track is the Title Track “Unleash The Beat (Emerald Mix)”.

Listen 2 Jes – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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