New Single : Back To Black / New Album : Medium Rare – Karin Bloemen & Old School Band

One of the most talented and friendliest celebrities of Holland Karin Bloemen (with Old School Band) impressed with her New Single “Back To Black”. I love this version more than the original Amy Winehouse version. Judge by yourself:

Tomorrow she will release her New Album “Medium Rare” for the visitors of her tour “BILLIE, ARETHA, NORAH, AMY‚Ķ KARIN”, starts at De La Mar in Amsterdam.



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New Single : Wolf In Cheap Clothes – Kovacs

If you like Amy Winehouse mixed with Moloko (Roisin Murphy), you will love Kovacs with her New Single “Wolf In Cheap Clothes”

Single is available at her “Shades Of Black” Album.

Listen 2 Kovacs – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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Shades Of Black – Album 04/10/2015

Shades Of Black – Dutch Album (featuring 9 Pinkpop Live Tracks) 04/10/2015

New EP : Remix & B-Sides Packages / New Album : The Collection Boxset – Amy Winehouse

“Amy Winehouse – The Collection Boxset” is 8 disc, limited edition vinyl box set comprising Amy Winehouse’s three studio albums, live recordings from Amy’s 2007 Shepherd’s Bush shows, including tracks available for the first time on vinyl, and an album’s worth of ‘Rarities’ featuring live session tracks dating back to 2003. The box set, released on December 11th, is a lovingly assembled and beautifully packaged collection. Each LP will be pressed onto 180-gram vinyl and the box will also include a bespoke litho print and an exclusive set of photographs taken from the commissioned photo sessions for “Frank” and “Back To Black”.

“Take This Box” !!!

Also last July “You Know I’m No Good”, “Tears Dry On Their Own”, “Rehab” and “Back To Black” released in a special Remix & B-side Package with some surprising sounds, like the Aliz Alvarez Sole Channel Mix for “Tears Dry On Their Own”

Listen 2 Amy Winehouse – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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The Collection Boxset – Amy Winehouse (Not Available Yet)

Rehab (Remixes & B-Sides) – EP 07/20/2015

Tears Dry On Their Own (Remixes & B-Sides) – EP 07/20/2015

You Know I’m No Good (Remixes & B-Sides) – EP 07/20/2015

Back To Black (Remixes & B-Sides) – EP 07/20/2015

New EP : The New Black and White Pt. II – Danny Vera

If you like Elvis Presley, you will like Danny Vera. The Dutch Rockstar with the Sixties / Seventies sound released 6 tracks on his New EP “The New Black And White Part Two” after the first in 2014 featuring Amy Winehouse hit “Back To Black”

The second part including the Single “Expandable Time” and a shocking beautiful cover of Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette”, maybe better than the Original

Listen to the Danny Vera – Discography – Spotify – Playlist.

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The New Black and White Pt. I 10/13/2014

The New Black and White Pt. II 09/11/2015

BUY @ MAGIC MUSIC MAGAZINE: New (Deluxe) Album: Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse (Review)

After her “Beautiful” Single with Miguel.

And telling “You’re Mine (Eternal)”

Mariah Carey released her new Album “Me. I am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse” with “Supernatural” as the highlight. Her kids sang like an angel and the voice special effects are heavenly. The second part of the Album is much better than the first part including “One More Try”, yes THE famous George Michael song. Amy Winehouse dedication is by the way well done (“Meteorite”).Recommended as a next Single!

She worked with NAS (“Dedicated”), Wale (“You Don’t Know What To Do”) , Fabolous (“Money $ * / …”) and like she said “Mary J. Blige” is for the Deluxe (“it’s A Wrap”). Also on the Deluxe her duet with R. Kelly (“Betcha Gon’ Know”).

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Deluxe Explicit CD 05/27/2014

Deluxe Explicit MP3 05/23/2014

Deluxe Clean MP3 05/23/2014

Regular Explicit MP3 05/23/2014

Regular Clean MP3 05/23/2014

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