Review New Single: Made Of Shadown – Amelia’s Fault & Andreas Öhrn

“Gravitonas” lead vocalist “Andreas Öhrn” has released this month a new EP with “Alexander Bard”, including “People Lonely People” together with “Army Of Lovers”, but there is more.

He colaborate with Amelia’s Fault and that reminds me a bit of german DJ “ATB” for some reason. It is an Original arrangement and the shout out “Because” is a great effect on the chorus.

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NEW EP: Garden Of Men & Machines – Gravitonas

Today Gravitonas released just another EP. After “The Hypnosis EP” (2010), “The Coliseum EP”(2010) , “The Black Ceremony EP” (2012) and “The Hyperborea EP” (2012). It is now time for “The Garden Of Men & Machines”.


The EP starts with the latest single “People Lonely People” (that has an incredible videoclip), with Alexander Bard his first band Army Of Lovers:

Then the volume speeds up with the powerfull “Playing With Fire”. Hard dance beats mixed with slower parts are well done. I really love this and then it gets slower with the beautiful “Castles In Air”. The pure vocal arrangement gave the song a special touch. That is not the only ballad, also the sixth song “Antiheroes” (Acoustic version). The song “Smoke In The Mirror” has a rhythm that moves you from the beginning and the voice of Andreas Öhrn is really sounding amazing on this track. Finally there is the track “Feed The Lions” which is a variated song with different layers, included with transformed vocals and the beat is absolutely cool!

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